Rogue "Oily Jock" 202X, XL

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In oxblood (i.e. brown)

Size XL (60-62cm).
Bought as a replacement for one I left on a train, but too big for my bonce :(, so I need to go down a size.

Tall crown, wide brim.


EWrong colour, but right hat - this one is Tan...

Wrong hat but right colour:

Now called the Outback for some reason :rolleyes:

Great hat for being out in all weathers - wore my previous one all through last winter before I lost it :C

£35 to your door, PP OK.
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Dec 9, 2004
If I didn't have that self same hat I'd have it! Has to be one of the best and most comfortable leather hats around. Beat's the Aussies hands down.

Didn't know they'd renamed it but it's probably because they sell them in the States now and over there a Jock is a college sportsman. No idea if they are greasy or not!


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