River Wye Canoe Trip

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Jan 11, 2006
hi all, ok here goes
Anyone fancy a canoe trip on the wye maybe middle to end of august?
bring your own boat or boats can be rented from the starting point for £20 per day
this is inclusive of watertight container (up to 120 ltr ) and minibus travel back to the canoe hire place at the end of the trip please bear in mind you will need extra money for camping at one of the many sites on the river (some are £3 some are £4 a night budget for £5 and you should be ok)
i will be confirming a date at a later stage i have been advised not to attempt this at a weekend in august as there are to many people around to enjoy the peace and quiet, therfor it will be a sunday or monday start unless there are request,s otherwise.

ok what i need from you if your interested;-

yes im interested<<<<somthing like this in BIG letters

how many days you would want to do <<< anything up to 4 is ok as your taken back to starting point you can just phone the minibus (another advantage to weekday meetup)

wether you need me to organise a canoe or you can do it yourself with the link at the bottom of the page after a date has been set

do you have your own canoe ? would you give a space in it to a fellow bcuk member

i have just bought a canoe (first one ever) for this meet so i can take one allthough its only 15,8 it will carry 980lb apparently (thats me and a some lager .......just ) :D
2 good links here from timm cheers old been

http://www.igreens.org.uk/canoeing_the_wye.htm <<<<telling you about camping etc

http://www.wyevalleycanoes.co.uk/ <<<canoe hire.. this i think will be the starting point wether or not you bring your own canoe lady i spoke to was nice make sure you mention bcuk

apparently you do 10-16 miles a day dependant on river conditions and 20 if you push it getting as far as ross on why on day 4 or possible chepstow (70 miles woot)
thanks for looking now put your name down :D

http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/getamap/ <<<<<< this is a really good map link click on the big pink button click on wales/builthwels/lower right is hay on why you can follow the river corse all the way to the sea
Jan 11, 2006
first day will be wednesday 23rd of august
this leaves room for people to extend ther trip in to the weekend in a more secluded section of river

sorry for any confusion but original dates were unacceptible to most of the people that showed interest ;)
Jan 11, 2006
dont forget its now august not july sorry for the confusion

put in is glasbury take out depends on how many days you want please state in your post we can then work out millage and take out points

edit :- looks like hereford is2- 3 days away so that will be the take out and pick up
or maybe just past so the last night isnt spent camping next to the town watch this space chaps and chapasses ;)


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Dec 2, 2003
i've kayak'ed on the river, don't miss out.

there's no way i can come but i can vouche for the fact you will love it!

don't forget the sunscreen! :cool:


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Mar 2, 2004
Excellent idea, The Wye is a fabulous river, with all types of paddling available. I'll be back on the Wye in 4 weeks time for a week, if the water is right the first bit from Glasebury is in my opinion one of the best runs - can be quite technical, but also awesome scenery.

Enjoy! (Don't think I'll be able to get there - got an Archery shoot on in Devises the following weekend)



Jan 2, 2006
I can highly recommend the Wye for canoeing. I organised a very similar 4 day trip for a group of friends last year 6 of us three canoes and a dog! Great fun and the service from Wye Valley Canoes is excellent. The environment agency do a really useful book called Canoeist Guide to the River Wye, worth getting its about £5 but gives a detailed plan of the river advising which side to go and where the rapids etc are.

The scenery is fantastic you will have a great time we did around 43 miles, longest day was 19 miles which was some effort as half the river was like a mill pond so constant paddling. I planned our trip to ensure there was a pub within walking distance every night and hot showers for 2 of the nights!! If anyone wants details of the camp sites we used etc im sure i have them somewhere PM me.
Jan 11, 2006
the list of people comming for sure at the moment stand like this (barring nuclear war ,petrol hitting £30 a gallon , and a hangover :D )
timm (making his own canoe to go now thats eager)

still w8ing for don redondo to confirm

thats 5 people 5 canoes 1 free space confirmed so far if anyone is interested (im goona need some one to weigh the front end down in mine :D )
loads of posative comments about this trip and you have to look at the link "canoing the why" to appreciate the beauty of the scenery on this river

took delivery of my brand new shiney canoe today cant w8 thanks all :You_Rock_
Jan 11, 2006
bow drill 110% welcome m8 i got my first ever canoe 4 days ago and im organising it !!! :lmao: so no worries about being a novice,timm is also a novice and hes building his own canoe to come :D
you got a canoe or you need a ride ? or maybe you want to rent one at the depature site? read the links the prices and all relevant info is there let me know what you decide and please confirm if your 100% comming ill add you to my little list.
also pm me if you need a bit of practise and you can get to the brecon canal
i did my first ever canoe trip 2 days ago managed 8 miles and im still paying for it :eek:
thanks for interest

heres a link to where i bought my canoe its a bit hard to find but well worth it nice people with custom made little lake to try out your boat all the gear in stock and above all freindly real people
make sure you mention bcuk as i have told them ive posted a link good will and all that :D

Jan 11, 2006
un ashamed bump :D just been on the first strech of the wye in my canoe from glasbury to hay, took me around an hour only got stuck twice so water level must be good im not one given to flowery words but its utterly magic on the river im going again tomorrow and monday cant w8 for this trip wish it was longer allready
a few more ppl confirming wouldnt be a bad idea guys

:BlueTeamE kick off will be 12.00 noon on wednesday 23rd august left hand bank glasbury bridge (facing downstream):BlueTeamE

i would prefer 10 but its unreasonable to expect people from london etc to make it to the middle of wales by then.

any or all participants are welcome to spend the night before at my place(bring a basha) let me know if you want details.. this is really no problem so dont be shy

cheers all see you soon lyn

David B

May 12, 2006
Tadcaster North Yorks
Lyndon I would really like to come on this trip. I am trying to arrange holiday swaps with my collegues .What is the plan for getting cars and canoes reunited at the end of the trip :confused:
I followed this link from "Song of the paddle" I am no coach but may be able to Swap some canoe skills for some bushcraft skills.
Jan 11, 2006
david pm sent old boy depends if your renting or bringign your own but it can be arranged to take you back to your car(just not the canoe)some one can allways wait with canoes till you get back anyway its all in the pm thanks for the interest lyn

please confirm as soon as you know if you can make it.


Aug 31, 2005
Purley, (south London) Surrey
Hi Lyn we’ve just got around to sorting our selves out for this trip, I was a bit worried that there wouldn’t be any canoes being so close to the bank hols but it all worked out ok. Me and Kathy (White Elf ) are renting a canoe and two nights at their B&B which is right next to the centre so we’ll be have plenty of time in the morning for a bit of practice at this paddling malarkey.
I was wondering what everyone was intending to camp in or under not knowing the wye we’re not sure what to bring, a tarp and bivi would be great or should it be a tent.

Looking forward seeing you and Tim again it should be a great time. :D


Jul 8, 2006
I'd love to come, and I hope to do many trips like this in the future, but im 18, I dont have a canoe, and wales is quite a way for me to come with noone else to bring. So unless anyone is coming from beds herts or bucks area, maybe in the future! :)
Jan 11, 2006
sorry to hear you cant make it on your own m8 pity it should be really cool theres a space in my canoe still wich would save you renting at £80.00 for the 4 days it thats any help ill keep track of the post everyday or 2 from now till the date we leave let me know if there is anything i can do to help you out lyn.