Sold (REDUCED) Casstrom Lars Falt Knife

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Jan 14, 2006
Hi folks, firstly, I will ad pics this evening as I forgot to take any earlier. Selling my Casstrom Lars Falt bushcraft knife with matching Casstrom leather dangler. Only purchased last week. Used once to make a one tiny fire so as new. I have stropped it and treated the sheath with a coating of beeswax which only improves appearance and durability. Unfortunately means I am unable to return to the seller. Includes box, warranty papers etc.. Only reason for sale is that I prefer a smaller knife and it's just not for me. Cost £130 with the dangler. I will post to you for £110. As I said, will ad pics later but I wanted to get the ad up before the weekend. All specs etc on Casstrom website. Absolutely awesome knife.

Thanks a lot.


IMG_6161.JPG IMG_6162.JPG IMG_6163.JPG
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