Reality TV? Too far this time...

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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 6, 2008
South Queensferry
I don't beleive this, on BBC1 is a programme "Famous Rich and Jobless".

Has reality TV gone too far?

I can dance like michael jackson - So can I now cos he's deed.
Celebrity Homeless - that was a joke as well.

But this?

Is it just me, or is this in extremely bad taste considering the economic climate at the moment?

I'm away to walk the dog and calm down...


Apr 30, 2008
Fife, Scotland
just googled it.

I watch very little TV due to the fact there is so much rubbish on it, its celebrity cook, celebrity ice dance, celebrity dance, celebrity safari, celebrity jungle, this that and the next thing,

thing is ive never heard of the half of them and all of them are makeing a living doing nothing fulled mearly by tabloids and the amzing brittish publics inability to get enough celebrity gos.

bring back more shows like mastercraft !!
All pretty tame conpared to the reality shows from the US we get on SKY etc.

Recent ones I've caught (thanks to the resident 18 year old with a liking for this kind of thing) are such classics as 'my super sweet sixteen' which consists of spoilt rich kids trying to out-do each other by throwing the most extravigant birthday party. One memorable episode saw a 16 year old f'ing and blinding at her parents because they bought her the wrong model Lexus :eek:

Then theres 'Made' which consists of several week of carefully choreographed humiliation and something called something like 'Hotter than my daughter' where mothers and daughters compete to see who is 'hottest'

Future generations will watch the MTV archives and will witness a civilization in decline.


Full Member
Oct 15, 2008
South east Scotland.
Yep saw it and its exactly how i expected it to be,then straight after the news another prog about being unemployed,you'd think they are trying to tell us something would'nt you?


Dec 15, 2005
I heard Duirmuid was in bother as he'd checked himself into a Travelodge somewhere, sounds kind of familiar ;)


Need to contact Admin...
Jun 9, 2008
Why do you people watch these programmes if they annoy you so much?
Not every programme is aimed at everyone. There are shallow, superficial berks out there who enjoy such programmes. So they watch them. But you won't find them watching Mastercrafts or Ray or some such. Because it's not their thing.
But doubtless you and I will watch Mastercrafts et al, because it is our thing.
Simple as that.
Why do you think the world should conform to your tastes?


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 6, 2008
South Queensferry
Durulz fair point. However;

I don't watch those programs. Like most folk on here I watch those programs you mention that have a tie in to our hobbies on here.

My opinion is just that - mine.

It's not that I think folk should conform to my view, it's spoon feeding this rubbish to the masses that has gone too far, last night's programme was a case in point.

Admittedly, I have a biased opinion.

Having worked all my life I now find myself unemployed in the current recession. With all the difficulties that brings, it angered me that the BBC are insensitive enough to trot out celebs playing at being unemployed.

Maybe they covered it from an angle that sympathised with and/or highlighted the difficulties. I don't know, I couldn't bring myself to watch it.

It was a subject too close to home for my liking - but maybe I'm being over sensitive.



Full Member
Nov 12, 2005
So you are judging a programme on not having watched it. Does that not seem a bit wrong? You are showing your prejudice against celebrities without even being willing to watch the programme.
I watched the homeless one from last year, and 80% of it was rubbish, (all about celebrities and not much about the homeless) but some of it was true to life. I volunteer on a project that helps to feed, clothes and provide basic medical care for the homeless of Bristol. Watching the programme gave me some tiny insight to what it is like to live a life where there is just “No choice”
So even though most of that programme was pants, I learnt something that I didn’t know before. Isn’t that what it’s about learning stuff that makes life a tiny bit better for all (except one of the people from the show who is has now become a slum landlord).


Mar 19, 2009
Reality TV went too far years ago. It's a complete bag of nonsense but that style of show is incredibly cheap to make compared to something requiring actual paid actors and for some reason the idiot public lap it up.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 6, 2008
South Queensferry
So you are judging a programme on not having watched it. Does that not seem a bit wrong? You are showing your prejudice against celebrities without even being willing to watch the programme.

You're right Tadpole.

I was judging a programme without having watched it.

I was also showing my prejudice against celebrities and the celeb culture bandwagon.

I too watched the homeless version, and most of it was tripe.

As for not having seen it?

Between you and me, shhh, I'll watch it on i player, but don't tell anyone, my reputation as a carmudgeon would suffer irreparably.


May 4, 2005
My teenage daughter watches sh*te like this on TV all the time and I for one would wish there was less of it available - its not feasable in this day and age to control your childs access to these programmes on a 24 7 basis and anybody who thinks its doable is either childless or (by now) a raving lunatic. I am of the opinion that just because something can be produced that doesnt mean that it should be. Thgere ought to be checks and balances in place - however benign - to reduce the plethora of drivel that we are presented with. And I include in my rant the endless 'Adverts' telling you how quickly you will go to jail for benifit fraud, not having a current tax disc, telly license, drinking more than two glasses of wine, etc and all funded by the taxpayer.
TV is drivel largely and just because there is no law against it, it is undoubtedly a malign influence on the younger generation who despite their formal education successes & failures do suck the stuff up and retain it - this is where the decline sets in.
Mind you endless Ray reruns & survivor man etc would be just as draining eventually.

Supportive Rant Over



Full Member
Mar 16, 2008
I had a realization the other day. we worship celebrities so much all of a sudden, and it's creepng into everything. everyshow where the public used to be contestants is now celebrity only or has a celebrity version. but who are they? all our celebritiesare is a bunch of people who all know each other and crave attention, they have infiltrated everything, it wouldn't matter if it was just tv, but now celebrities seem to cross the bondaries seemlessly into politics, science and other high profile jobs where past merit in thesubject now counts for less. look at our UN speakers, and the prime minister consulting Bono on climate issues! shouldn't he be consulting... you know, scientists? in short celebrities are just another elistist club that have now gotten themselves into positions of power.


Dec 22, 2009
I'll confess, I watched it (like I watched the homeless one - my excuse I used to work with a homelessness charity). And like the homeless one, it was good in parts. Was it tasteless? I wouldn't go that far, partly because some of the celebs had at one time had to pull themselves up from almost nothing, and partly because none of them came over as unsympathetic "look who caring I am" types.

And it occurred to me, if you're an F-List celebrity/soap actor, you've probably had a fair amount of time out of work anyway.

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