Ray Mears/Alan Wood Woodlore Knife NEW/unused.

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Apr 5, 2006
SW Wales
SOLD PENDING FUNDS: A Ray Mears designed, Alan Wood made knife, new and totally unused. No need to introduce this one, I'm sure. I put my name down for one of these yonks ago. In the intervening years I made my own bushcaft knives, making it hard to justify owning or using this one.

It sits on the top shelf of the wardrobe, calling to me. Occasionally I answer and have a peek, sometimes I even resolve to take it into the woods and use it. As yet it hasn't cut a thing, not even forearm hair or paper!

On numerous occasions I have decided to sell it, only to lose my nerve at the last minute :surrender:

This nonsense has to end as I need funds for a new camera (and brake discs, exhaust, shoes for children, etc.)

I have all the original packaging, receipts, etc.





Like it or not, a legend in its own lifetime, yours for £450 including PP and RMSD within the UK. You must be over 18yrs old. I reserve the right to withdraw from sale and I may request direct bank transfer if you are a recent member or relatively unknown to me. (Foreign Shipping will incur extra costs)

Sorry no trades.

If you aren't interested in buying, please don't clutter the thread with your own 2p, thanks :cool: (The Mona Lisa is just a load of paint, etc.)
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Jun 27, 2008
It was me that was after one, I ended up getting two!! So one of mine is for sale too.

Whoever ends up getting this is a very lucky chap /chapess. These knives are beautiful and just feel at one with your hand. It may sound expensive, but over the course of your lifetime (and maybe your kids too) the price becomes insignificant. And thats forgetting about the 10 year waiting list!

I am not going to put my one up for sale here until xavierdoc sells his, and I am not interesting in any bidding war, but if anyone misses out on getting this lovely knife from this thread let me know. Only if this knife is sold though!

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