Power Hacksaw - large!


Apr 1, 2007
Deepest North Hampshire
We're moving house in the next few months and as such, I'm having a clear out.

I've owned this Ajax power hacksaw for a couple of years. It has a lovely lazy action and will cut anything you might wish, up to about 6" square.

I've fitted a coolant pump and nozzle which means that the blade lasts for ages - literally months. Auto stop feature which means it switches itself off when a cut is completed. I've fitted wheels to the back so that it can be wheeled under a bench when not in use. Runs from a domestic 240v plug.

It's a big heavy lump so would be suitable for pickup only - although I could get it onto a pallet if the buyer arranges transport. Will fit in the back of a hatchback with the seats folded I'd imagine.

Bottle of coolant and spare blades included.


P1010146 by Scgwhite, on Flickr


Jun 24, 2012
Angus, Scotland
I have no idea what I'd use it for, and yet I'm strangely tempted.......

Still I don't think the wife would let me keep it in the middle of the living room floor :lmao:


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 15, 2005
I don't have the space for one of those but they are great tools, set them off and go do something else while it does its cut.

The one I've used would cut upto about 200mm high girders used to make the chassis for underneath timber framed lodges.
Much nicer to use than those bleedin awful grinding disc cut off saws or even those poxy Evolution Rage things (spit).

Fairly quiet and they don't make much mess.
Mar 14, 2012
rough dimensions also would i be able to cut 45 degrees cuts on it and do you reckon any courier would take also maybe estimate of rough weight??? only thing that is holding me back is the fact i am in kent and the saw is in berkshire so about 2 something hour drive :(