Possible Mosquito Hammock Group Buy

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Hi Guys this is just to gauge interest really I've been speaking to Tom at Mosquito Hammocks ref a discount for bulk buys. Now there are two options:

1: Mosquito Jungle Hammock delivered to your door c/w flysheet for $120 so long as more than one is ordered. (PM me for further info re import duty and Tax)

2: Mosquito Jungle Hammock $100 each per batch of 12 0rdered and posted to a single address so this is plus UK postage to your home address. ( Import Duty and Tax on $1200 at time of writing is about £250 total a large part of wich is a post office handling charge and unlikely to avoided due to value and size of shipment)

At present exchange rates I think that option one is more than favorable as $20 is about a tenner and by the time the duty/tax and postage are added it might cost more going via option 2 also we are not limited to batchs in multiples of 12.

details available at


so what do you think???
Let me know ....

Cheers Tim
Graywolf said:
Excellent hammock,got mine a couple of years ago.Best sleeping arrangement in the world.
Clayton thanks for the product endorsement ordered mine at full price a week or so ago (not arrived yet) but with the exchange rate was to good to pass up, however talking to Tom about the possibility of bulk purchase for here and possibly some folk at work I thought better sooner than later.

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