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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
I bought a pair of Craghopper ladies kiwi trousers in the EWM sale last month, and have just gotten around to actually wearing them today. They seemed a bit bumphly around the tummy and hips but otherwise are very comfortable.
Trying to work out how to fix them I realised they have *eight* pockets :eek:

How the hang can anyone need eight pockets in one pair of trousers ?:confused:
That's more than my rucksac has, or even my handbag :rolleyes:

If I filled them all they'd would fall off with the weight. I just don't see the reasoning for this over engineering, at all.
They must have been a nightmare to out together, and altering them is just not happening unless I find myself with a week free.

Are the other Craghoppers so pocketfully endowed ?



Dec 15, 2005
I've only got one pair of Crags and they're the Kiwi winter lined pants. Very toasty and they've only got two hip pockets and two bum pockets.

I can't do with anything in my pockets apart from my baccy and a lighter.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 15, 2005
My Snickers work keks have 18 pockets as long as I don't count the two that hold the knee pads. 8 of which are the flappy pockets for nails and crap that I really should get rid of as their more bother than their worth.
That's two flappy bits with four pockets each, 8
two main hand pockets with a little sub pocket like jeans have. 3
Two back pockets. 2
left leg cargo pocket with little phone sized one piggybacked on it. 2
Right cargo leg pocket. 1
Hammer? pocket on right leg, wouldn't fancy using it for a hammer as it would dig in my leg when kneeling down though. 1
Stanley knife pocket beside hammer pocket. 1.

As I use a tool belt at work most of them aren't needed.

Good hard wearing comfy work trousers though, also with the recommended knee pads fitted (like little bean bags) they are without a doubt the most comfy keks I have ever scrabbled about on my knees for hours in.

I don't use the flappy elephant lug (don't ask) pockets or the leg pockets.
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Jan 31, 2005
Hi Mary,

A lot of producers equate "more" with "better", sometimes equating a plethora of "stuff" with quality. I often think less is more personally. It's like buying a bycicle. For about £350 you could buy a full suspension bike with disk brakes. But chances are it'll be pretty rubbish as it's heart ( the frame ) will be heavy and soft, and the components will be of low quality. Much better I think to buy a hard tail bike for that money or better still a bike with no suspension at all. At it's core they will have spent more giving you better a better frame and components. similarly with jackets and trousers. The more work they have to put in on pockets and fripperies the less money will be spent on good quality materials. To mix my metaphors I'd rather have a good cook cook me a plate of good mince and tatties than a bad chief ponce around with bad meat and herbs cooking me a plate of inedible sludge.
On the flip side ( and Craghoppers do make some really nice inexpensive practicle gear ) if you don't overload and use your more autistic side having more pockets allows you to always keep one thing in each, always within reach and always available as you know which pouch you've stored it in. I always keep certain things in certain locations as it allows you to check by a quick "pat to the pocket" that it's there and not been left in a tree stump at your last brew point. But that's just old me... with slightly strange tendancies.


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Jun 12, 2005
Hertfordshire (UK)
The Kiwi pants have lots of pockets but some of the others don't. Actually if you count the mobile phone pocket then they have nine pockets.

You are correct that if you put heavy stuff in all the pockets then they would probably fall off. I find that if I'm walking then putting stuff in cargo pockets, other than a lightweight map is very uncomfortable.

The zip pockets are great for putting things like banknotes and keys in, stuff that is valuable and could easily be lost or stolen.

Other outdoor pants have similar amounts of pockets such as 5.11 TDU & Tactical pants and slots for putting in knee pads.

Of course work pants like "demographics" have loads of pockets but they don't look very smart around town. Could be good for the outdoors though but I wouldn't want to fill up all the pockets and go for hike.


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Apr 12, 2008
I looked at some lined crags in tkmaxx yesterday, and they were short on pockets, one thigh pocket, two side pockets, and only one back pocket.

I like to have two back pockets, so din'nt get any.



Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
if you want you cansend emto me and i wil have them simplified, in the factory,
i ow you anyway letus know,ndy

Thank you kindly :), but they'll do for work, it's just the double pockets at both fronts and another set at the back. They'd be a pain in the neck to take out.

Hear, and you don't owe me, you got me that big waterproof zip for my bivvy bag, I was just trying to catch up on the barter :D



Nov 13, 2009
Kielce, PL
I just checked,
my Craghoppers trousers have 4 front pockets (2 zipped), 2 back pockets and 1 cargo on right leg with internal mobile pocket.
So that makes 7+1(if you want to count mobile pocket).
My Snickers 3214 work trousers are different story.
10 front pockets (2 standard, and 2 flappy pouches with 4 pockets each),
2 back pockets,
1 cargo on left leg with additional mobile pocket
2 pockets on right leg,
that makes total of 16:eek: pockets.

Still Snickers are great hard wearing trousers and if you don't mind having kneepads pockets I can recommend these to any guy as they come in loads of different sizes and few colours to choose from.

I'm planning on buying 3314 model soon. Same style as 3214 but without flappy pouches.


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Mar 31, 2004
Norfolk U.K.
Possibly the lack of practicality was the reason that they were in the sale.:)

I tend to overload pockets (and belt) and it does make the trouser hang a wee bit lower.

Braces might be the answer.:)


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Aug 29, 2003

Have another look at the cargo pocket, I think you'll find another pocket zipped behind it, my Kiwi's certainly have, although its seldom used!


Justin Time

Aug 19, 2003
South Wales
I wear the Craghoppers Kiwi for work and find I use almost all of the 9 pockets without overloading. Mobile goes in the mobile pocket on the thigh, note pad and other paperwork in the thigh pocket itself, don't seem to use the zipped pocket on the outside of the thigh pocket. Wallet in the back pocket, usually some latex gloves in the other one. Cash and a space pen in the right hand zipped pocket, my own ward key bunch in the open pocket. On the left side I usually carry the ward drug keys in the open pocket, and odds and sods, eg chewing gum in the zipped pocket. As you can tell I find them pretty much to my satisfaction.
The Kiwis I wear for out and about are an older model, but again I find the pockets great, particularly the zipped ones so I don't lose valuables, and the thigh pocket is great for stuffing natural tinder in to dry.


Nov 13, 2009
Kielce, PL

Have another look at the cargo pocket, I think you'll find another pocket zipped behind it, my Kiwi's certainly have, although its seldom used!

I had another look and can't find any zipped pocket behind cargo pocket.
I'm not to bothered about cargo pocjets anyway as I don't use them to much.

Just to make sure I checked Craghoppers website to find out what model of trousers I have and its Classic Kiwi.