Petrol and Diesel Shortages

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Apr 16, 2009
I don't think it's Government inspired, more tabloid; they'd run out sensational stuff to drown us with.

I've just been out, no queues, all pumps operational, everything normal around here.

We had no problems fuelling the camper on the way to Somerset despite no fuel around Chichester where there seemed to be a typical city folk panic going on. Only place we saw a closed garage was Morrison’s in Glastonbury. As the van can carry a fair bit of fuel, we returned home a week later, quite relaxed, and still with a 1/3 of a tank left.

I’ll probably keep a couple of the 20l cans full, but that’s more for my own convenience and laziness than anything else. It’s handy not to have to drive to go get a half tank of diesel, makes a lot of sense really.


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