Persuade me to go light?!

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Limey Pete

Jun 20, 2021
pnom, penh
Not true, dew forms on a surface if the temp is below saturation temp.
Yes you are right. I have checked and if the air is too cool dew forms. See, I will admit when I am wrong.
It seems it is like condensation on a beer glass.
I am devastated I thought I knew every thing.


Oct 6, 2003
Good grief folks. There I was thinking that a thread about lighter weight gear would be able to trundle along fine, and when finally some posts get reported I find that folk have been being scornful, derisive, needling each other and posting needless jibes for days.

Someone should have reported posts when the thread was around the 30-50 mark, not waited to the 140 mark. Now we have come and chopped the thread around, sometimes losing bits that would have been good if folk hadn't kept at each other. Some of you folk have been here long enough to know better.

Use that Ignore function.

A couple of you seem to be catalyst for trouble and have not learned how to express a different opinion without rubbing everyone else the wrong way. At which point, the good and valid things that might have been learned in discussion with you are overshadowed and lost.

The moderators are here to run a friendly and generally harmonious online community. We try to make sure that good information is shared, new comers are welcomed and weight is given to different views. When we get folk, new or old, who consistently get into arguments and generate bad feeling with how they post we are left with a choice. Do we let things carry on, and maybe we get some new posts with interesting information, along with a bunch that would have been better left unpublished and possibly lose good members in the process, or do we ban the folk who keep being disruptive? We have lost too many good members in the past because we have left certain people posting for too long. We are not at that decision point yet, but this thread has brought us closer than any thread in over a year.


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