People interest in bushcraft in Ireland

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alan whelan

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Nov 5, 2010
Cork Ireland
Hello all,
I've been a member here for a short while and find the site and information gained to be invaluable. Being located out side the UK a lot of local stuff, meets etc. are interesting but not relevant so I was wondering how many people on here are based in Ireland and are willing to introduce them selves so we can all get know each other, share local info and maybe arrange meets, with and goal of having some sites around the country for Bushcraft meets and Wild camping,

So to start, I'm Alan Whelan based in Fermoy Co. Cork
I'm a toolmaker working at maintenance engineering.
Earliest memories fishing and later shooting spent the last 15 years wood turning and hillwalking but in the last 5 years got into Bushcraft did some RM courses, in the last 2 years started canoeing and kayaking and now I have just started making knifes. What I like to do most is canoe and wild camping.

I'm hoping we can get a community in Ireland on this site up and running.


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May 21, 2008
Cork, Ireland
Hi Alan,

Welcome to BCUK.

There is already an active bushcraft community in Ireland. We have a meet at least once a month, last weekend we were in Cavan but we do move around the country.

I am from east Cork myself but most of the lads are Leinster based so it is usually up that side of the country that we meet.

Click on the Irish Bushcraft Club link in my signature and that will take you to our website. You will need to get on the mailing list and you will then get notification of upcoming events.



Hi Alan,
I know of two lads in Fermoy who are intrested in Backwoods - they are a father and son team involved with Scouting and the MPSE (Most Primitive Scouting Experience) the facebook link for the Irish Scouting part of MPSE is!/group.php?gid=112926112076589 and the guy you will be looking for is Paul McGrath. we are due to do a bushcraft weekend in Cork within the next months but due to the whole scouting insurance thing you must be a member of scouting Ireland.
There is also a crowd who operate out of Kerry that do backwoods/medical training their website is
and above as Andrew said the Irish Bushcraft Club is also a very good place to join up.
If I can find the time between home, work scouting and MPSE I'd love to meet up and chat, I'm living in Rathangan, Kildare. but from Cork originally.
Would be interested in join in the community.
Hi all,
My current camp/home is on Kerry-Cork border.
I'm not interested in joining any bushcraft clubs,
but I am interested in meeting up and sharing a
common interest,with plenty of laughs along the way.


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Mar 13, 2011
Dublin ROI
You could sign up to the Irish Bushcraft Club mailing list, then you could pick and choose what you could turn up to, you don't have to join


Mar 20, 2011
A quick hello from another Dub! Sadly I don't have time to join in with the bushcraft club but I enjoy reading the posts. Nice to see a few more Irish interested in bushcraft.
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Dec 30, 2004
canoeing and camping is the best way to easily get to the wildest spots,with all the comforts that cant be lugged in a backpack.check out song of the paddle forum.
Jul 10, 2012
I am visiting ireland this august and would love to meet up if there are any events planned....does anybody know of anything?