Once in a lifetime

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Jan 28, 2009
Hi folks,

Well yesterday I was out fixing my bike and as I was going from the yard to the front door I saw what I thought was a stone and didn't take anymore notice. My daughter shouted for me to stop. Giving her a quizzical look she point to the "stone" and low and behold it was this little chap.

Now he was just laying there, so I bent down to check to see if he was ok. All of a sudden he jumped up onto my hand (Voluntary:yikes: ) . It was such an amazing moment. He let my daughter and I stroke him and he really didn't seem bothered that much, his breathing was normal and his heart wasn't going crazy. We offered him a drink and something to eat but he wasn't interested. After 15- 20 min he just took off and flew down the woods. I reckon he was young and got buffeted by the wind a bit and was just knackered. I had a good look over him and there was no sign of injury.

Now we checked the bird book straight away and there were a few candidates but the closest was a willow warbler. Can anybody confirm or set me right here?

An amazing once in a lifetime thing to happen it was great and it really set me up for the day :) the only down side is my family are now calling me snow white :rolleyes:

All the best



Mar 3, 2006
the tats give the hard look... somehow the little bird kinda ruins the image:)

ps no clue what it is other than cute LOL


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 15, 2010
NE Scotland
That's pretty cool, the only [wild] birds I've held in my hand have been ones I've saved from the cat, some survived, some didn't and some I've had to help on the way:( gotta be pretty nice to hold a wild healthy one:)

sorry can't help with identification.


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May 11, 2007
Pontypool, Wales, Uk
Warbler of some sort, but I find them difficult to distinguish.

Great experience for you and your daughter. I once found a male chaffinch that was completely uninjured but let me walk up to him and pick him up. Checked him all over, extended his wings out. No injuries that I could find. Took me 10 minutes before I spotted the dead female chaffinch in the middle of the road. He was recently bereaved and couldn't work out why his partner wouldn't come to him. I had to frighten him to get him to fly away before he too became roadkill. That was both a wonderful and sad experience.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
May 12, 2005
South Marches
the tats give the hard look... somehow the little bird kinda ruins the image:)

ps no clue what it is other than cute LOL
But that's his daughters arm...;)

Amazing how unperturbed the little fella was. I wonder if he will be back.


I would go with Sedge warbler.
Not sure if it's adult or juvenile, there does appear to be some abrasion on some feather tracts although they may be due to the lighting.
Probably on it's way to Africa
A great experience for sure.