Day Out On the water

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Dec 25, 2019
Had a wonderful trip out on the river in the inflatable kayak today. I've never seen a river so silent and empty, save for for herons, ducks and a fleeting glimpse of a king fisher.

It was very cold and shrouded in thick fog, but one good thing about a closed deck inflatable is it keeps you warm and toasty, from the waist down at least. The fog was thick enough that we heard the small weir long before we saw it, and the sight of a heron emerging from the gloom was something to remember.

I grabbed a few handfuls of bulrush/reedmace seed heads on the way back, but it was a bit chilly to go foraging for the rhizomes. I've read that the seeds are edible too so I might give that a go over the weekend.

All in all a great trip, a peaceful few hours in which I didn't once think of anything other than the river and the boat.

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