OH NO!! You got me!

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Great Pebble

Jan 10, 2004
Belfast, Northern Ireland
I've been staying away from home since Boxing Day, in Hillsborough (which is lovely BTW). Last night there was a fire in the grate I had a glass of wine to relax with... There was nada on telly, the PC was in use and I was feeling just a little bit restless.

Then it happened... :eek: :eek:

The rucky I brought my stuff over in has a Mora living permanently in the top pocket. The fireplace had a pile of those little chopped sticks you use for lighting the fire....

The two came together and the result was...... A teaspoon! :togo:


The worrying thing is it's a little narrow in the bowl and I keep thinking "the next one will be better".

I feel dirty. :lmao:


Full Member
Nov 12, 2005
Topcat02 said:
At least you can use the wine as an excuse for the unique shape of the spoon.


I had a similar experience, at work with time on my hands, I started with a sharp knife and a lump of wood about three inches wide and a foot long, I whittled away until the wee hours and in the end I had a small basket full of shavings and a tooth pick. :confused:
I think I need more practice


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Nov 17, 2003
Michigan, USA
Good for your karma. :D Evidently whittling has long been an avenue of working off nervous energy and restoring mental health. In the first annual edition of Knife Digest, there's a good article on whittling by Lloyd Linford. Whittling was commonly done in public places, from courthouses to the Senate floor. Here's an excerpt:

"Whittling was a problem in some early courtrooms, however. One account records that New England court officials were advised to put sticks in the hands of noted whittlers present in order to save the furniture from bing cut to pieces during heated court proceedings." :D

This on Senator Sam Houston:
"So active with the knife was Sam Houston that the Senate Sergeant of Arms was charged with keeping him supplied with sticks of soft pine wood which ended up in heaps and piles around the great man on the floor of the Senate. The hotter the political debate, the higher of the pile of shavings."


Dec 15, 2005
Would that be Hillsborough in Sheffield Nick ??? That`s only 10 mins from the Peak District you lucky man.

I was over that way yesterday and it was a great day in the woods complete with heavy snow fall.

:cool: :cool: :cool:

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