Offensive Weapons Act 2020

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Oct 6, 2003
Update 30 November 2020
Now law, but being very slow to roll out, and the way it is written is difficult to read or understand easily, being filled with many amendments to the Criminal Justice Act 1988.

However, there are new sections that people should be aware of.

Particularly to the sale and mailing of knives. Like the carry of a knife in a public place, the offence is having mailed a knife to a private address. There are defences, but the onus is on the accused, not the prosecution.

The wording of flick knife law is not really clear, which is likely by design. It can be interpreted as covering flipper locking folders.

Original text:
The government has released its White Paper for Consultation.
Offensive and dangerous weapons: new legislation
CLOSING DATE 11:45pm 9 December 2017
Its a heavy read, but unless you live outside the UK, and have no interest in knives to or from the UK,
YOU need to read it.
The proposed changes will have a significant impact on the members of this forum and those that supply your knives and tools. If they all go through unopposed and as drafted, expect it to mean that:
  • Some businesses will cease trading. ie. Heinnie Haynes would have to downsize at the least, and may cease.
  • Many craftsmen and hobby makers will drift to other activities, same as quitting.
  • Anyone who wants to buy or sell a knife through the forum will have additional hurdles and expenses, if it is not down right prohibited.
  • And worst, that all single handed opening knives (lock or not) could be reclassified as "flick knives", which are also to be reclassified as illegal to own even in your own home.
There is more...
This is a very real and imminent threat. It may be that it is inevitable. But if we all sit and do nothing, what does that make us.
So, reply to the consultation. Write to your MP. Talk to everyone you know who uses a knife, or appreciates anything better than what they can find in Asda or the local fishing shop. Get them to write in if you can.
There are bound to be some example letters coming out soon. There were a couple of good ones in the run up.
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