Day Out November sun.

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Sep 29, 2018
SW Wales
Mid morning and a look out the window made me check the contents of my brew kit, top up the water bottles and head out the back door.
The woods behind the cottage glowed in the Winter sunlight.

In the shelter of the woods out of the slight chill of the Northerly breeze it felt almost Spring like, the almost bare trees casting giant shadows across the woodland paths.

Down on the lake the water birds seem to be already pairing off, the Drake Mallard has his bright emerald headress on and chases away any other Drakes that even look like approaching.

Crossing the lower lake and the sun catching the top of the Reed bed in the distance makes it look as if snow or frost lay along the lakeside on this warm sunny day.

The dense Reed Beds on this part of the lake provide great protective cover in cold or wild weather, and I've seen small birds dive into the Reeds for safety when the local Buzzards circle high above the lake.

The lakes drain into the sea here. Today the sea is placid, almost Mediterranean blue, and rolls with a gentle murmer onto the sand.

I'm headed for the grass covered Dunes which border the shoreline and form a barrier between the sea and the granite cliffs and outcrops further inland.

Early in the year the Pyramid and Spotted Orchids grow in this hollow. Today it's warm and sheltered, so brew time...

As far as I know there are no highways in the sky here, so no periodic howl of people passing overhead in their thin metal tubes. It is silent except for the quiet sounds of the nearby sea and bird song. I was Almost tempted to unlayer down to T shirt, sitting in the hot sun.
Drinking tea and watching the shadow of the approaching evening creeping towards me across the hollow.

Time to go! The homeward trek takes me across open country.

And past the trees that grow on a bank that faces the prevailing South Westerly winds. On stormy days the soil is scoured from beneath them and they stand as if on tip toe on their exposed roots.

Nearly home, the lake is mirror like and the trees lining the lakeside stand on their reflections in the late afternoon sun.



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