Not British made anymore!

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M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Jan 15, 2011
He also landed in Puerto Rico and St Croix, both of which are Caribbean islands and also both of which are American soil although not on the mainland.


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Oct 30, 2003
Hendo's moved out to the parkway, so the old factory is empty now.
On stuff made in the UK, how about 2 more Yorkshire brands, Buffalo and PHD


Apr 27, 2005
It worth reading the origin story of Origin. (lol could not resist)
He had some interesting experiences with product thief by Asia makers early in his career for a start.
The big problem is we live in a world where big business is only interested in profit and that drives everything. Patterns have changed to make it easier to make on machines. Product development is about selling more and not making better or filling the customers needs.
The artisan makers are coming back because people want a quality product and often the makers want a product they cannot get from anyone else. Just look at the lightweight hikers who either make their stuff or buy from other lightweight hikers who make their own stuff.
There is an interesting movement starting of slow clothing for want of a better description. The argument goes that we should make our own clothing because we can control everything. For example, the clothes will be sized to fit you. You can go back to a pre-machine pattern and get a better fit. You can make sure the best material etc you can afford goes into the clothing. You can get what you want designed the way you want it.
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Bushcrafter through and through
Jul 14, 2008
Hendo's moved out to the parkway, so the old factory is empty now.
On stuff made in the UK, how about 2 more Yorkshire brands, Buffalo and PHD
There's something about PHD I read and some products are only filled in the UK or something like that. Can't remember where I read that and it might have changed but what I read years back made me very wary about made in Britain taglines. It only takes a small proportion of manufacture in the UK to make that true, possibly even just packaging it up. PHD is a great British brand and have always manufactured in the UK even if that was not 100%. Wish I could remember that source now but I got put onto it by a gear freak on an outdoor forum years back.

Alpkit make in the UK but also overseas. They are still considered a British maker but you have to read the small print to find what is made where. I'm very cynical about made in Britain taglines. IMHO it really doesn't make any difference now. We're not much of a manufacturing nation compared to the past. Why the emotional connection to British made anyway?


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Jun 4, 2004
I just bought a couple of stainless steel one pint enviro-cup made in Birmingham and a linen shirt from Elgar shirts made in Halifax.
Both listed on Still made in Britain website.

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