No thanks, I'd rather starve...

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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Me too, thankfully :rolleyes: :D

I have a friend married to a Chinese man; his family regularly bring him pickled sliced meat. It's round with two holes right through it. It was only when a whole one appeared in the New Year's dinner soup that my friend realised what the meat actually was. :eek: When I asked what she'd done when she did realise what was for dinner, she replied, "Well, the soup was quite good, and the children were enjoying it, so I just got on with mine too." Not much I felt I could really say to that :confused:



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Sep 15, 2005
Well, I'm no fan of offal, but I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with the idea. The only thing I do object to is the idea that eating that sort of thing can increase "male potency" - that's just foolish magical thinking, no better than the nonsense about rhino horn, or the ever-present spam for herbal pills.

And don't get me started on Chinese Traditional Medicine...


Sep 7, 2006
The Joker said:
I must admit chopping on a dog's wotsit...........Nope doesn't do it for me :yuck:

You´re not supposed to cut wood on it! You´re supposed to eat it! :lmao:

"..wealthy businessmen or government bureaucrats .." sounds like an exclusive club.....of which I won´t be comming a member (Ahem!) :D

Would a food fight there be considered C**k Fighting? :D

etc. etc.

The Joker

Sep 28, 2005
Surrey, Sussex uk
Montivagus said:
You´re not supposed to cut wood on it! You´re supposed to eat it! :lmao:

"..wealthy businessmen or government bureaucrats .." sounds like an exclusive club.....of which I won´t be comming a member (Ahem!) :D

Would a food fight there be considered C**k Fighting? :D

etc. etc.


ooops.......I've edited it ;)


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Oct 12, 2005
Balcombes Copse
Greywolf said:
If they opened a restaurant here in the UK some wag is bound to rename it "Chu Dong's " :lmao:


Personally I'm more concerned about being served a cows perineum :confused: It's all well and good talking BS but i wouldn't fancy eating eat... :eek:


Full Member
Oct 13, 2005
The banks of the Deveron.
"People just like to order tiger to show off how much money they have."

As a race, there's not much going for us really.

Chu dong all you like, but I can't reconcile myself to killing off a species to prove how much cash you have, irrespective of which bit you eat. GRRR blood boiling.
Buy a bigger house....


May 8, 2005
My girly is Chinese and whenever we do the family meal thing, I always pretend to be a veggie like her. Safer that way. I've asked about some of the more bizarre looking things, and I'm glad I'm pretending to be veggie...

Chinese don't seem to understand the veggie thing, they usually reply, "Try that- there's not much meat in that..."


Feb 15, 2005
Silkstone, Blighty!
I don't much like the idea of eating dog pen15, shark fins are another thing I consider totally wrong, especially if you have seen the way they collect the fins from a live shark and then bung the shark back in the sea which then sinks and dies.

Birds nest soup is also totally gross, what is the matter with these people? What's for dessert, peacocks' vomit?!!


New Member
Jun 12, 2005
Hertfordshire (UK)
Having lived in and around China for a fair few years with a Chinese girlfriend at the time I can say I've eaten all kinds of strange things. I don't think I've eaten the above delicacies but if I had it wouldn't surprise me.

However stories like the above are not what normal everyday folk eat all the time. The article is mainly aimed at shocking and amusing us Brits. Most people eat fairly simple food and only the rich can afford to eat bizarre delicacies.

I must admit the poorer people do eat some pretty disgusting stuff but that is because they don't want to waste anything. They have also had a tradition of eating anything that moves and any part of it (perhaps out of desperation) whereas we in the UK have had a tradition of eating only a select few animals and sea creatures.

In Chinese culture eating is extremely important and many people eat to impress. This is how some of the more perverse forms of eating have developed. The rich are always looking for a new and exciting gastronomic experience especially if is claimed to be an aphrodisiac.

Eating animal's sex organs is nothing compared to some of the stuff they eat. I'll spare you the details.

Most people eat similar food to what you might find in a Chinese restaurant here in the UK. Of course China is a huge country with a massive population and different climates, ethnic groups etc so there is quite a variety of dishes. Most of what we eat here is based on Cantonese (Hong Kong & South China) cooking.

I don't agree that the Chinese "don't understand the veggie thing" I've eaten in many vegetarian Chinese restaurants and many Buddhists (a large percentage of Chinese are Buddhist) are vegetarian.

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