NIBA secure perminant Bushcraft Sire.

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After much letter writing, meetings and wading through mountains of red tape, the NIBA have been appointed as the resident Bushcrafters at Carnfunnock country Park in Larne, in partnership with Larne Council. We have a few formalities to complete and then its all systems go! Throughout the rest of this year and next year we will be running one day courses as part of Carnfunnocks events and we will also be planning some meet ups of our own. Anyone interested should contact us via email at niba also check out our website which will have periodic updates ref. meet ups etc I would like to say a big thank you to the members of the NIBA for all their hard work and commitment. Our first event is as part of the "Autumn Fest" being held at the park on Saturday the 26th of September. We will have a stall showing various bushcraft related crafts, there will be a "Woodland Awareness" challenge for younger bushcrafters and we will even be hosting the "Carnfunnock Conker Championships". It should be a great day out. Further details are available from Carnfunnock Country park at


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Dec 13, 2011
Northern Ireland
Nice one - might have to get up there to check it out. I have a brother who takes his caravan to Carnfunnock, but I've never been there in my life.


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