New sleeping bag required....please advise

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Jun 27, 2009
Hi folks, after my recent stalking trip North of the border i have come to realise that i am now in need of a new sleeping bag.
Can any of you more knowledgeable guys (or gals) please give me some pointers towards a decent bag for a larger guy (50" chest) as i struggled to get a good nights kip on my last travels and need a decent warm bag with plenty of room for the impending winter forays.
Don't mind forking out a bit of cash for the right gear.
Many thanks.


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Mar 5, 2008
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Like yourself I'm on the larger size so had a similar search for a comfortable bag :rolleyes: I ended up buying a couple from the snugpak range

You can get expanda panels to fit most of them or you can go for the elite range which has built in expansion panels to open the bag up and make it more roomy :)

The down side of them is that I find their rating system is a bit optimistic and the zip tends to jam occasionally
Feb 15, 2011
Firstly I'll start by stating that I prefer synthetic bags over down when camping in temperate conditions as experience has taught me that no matter how many precautions one takes, there's always a risk of getting your sleeping bag damp or even wet & feather is useless when damp, also synthetic bags dry quicker & are easier to wash. I use a Snugpak sleeper xtreme........warm enough in anything but extreme cold, though with a liner could probably cope with any UK weather. I'm of average build & there's room enough for at least half of me again, (I like roomy bags as when turning around the bag doesn't come with you).......heavy though (just over 2 kilos) & bulky( around 30 litres in it's stuff sack ) but with a price tag around £40 & given it's build quality,comfort & efficiency it would be hard to find a better bag.


Aug 24, 2004
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...heavy though (just over 2 kilos) & bulky( around 30 litres in it's stuff sack )...
The trade-offs of synthetic fill (against price and the moisture issue, as you rightly point out). Since the OP mentions a decent budget and winter use, I'll come in on the side of down (purely for thread-balance purposes; I've have bags of both types). I come at this from a long-distance hiking point of view though (where weight reigns supreme). I've had a succession of down bags from Mountain Equipment - terrific maker - but I don't know about larger size bags or bushcrafty colours, and we're at totally the other end of the price scale.

I've never struggled to keep my bag dry - down or synthetic - with appropriate care.

One other point in case it hasn't occurred to you. It is not only your bag that determines warmth at night. The shelter around you, and the insulation (mat) under you are just as important. For example, I take a warmer bag if I'm not taking a traditional tent. I also find that hammocking demands a warmer mat, as more of my bag is squished flat than when I'm on the ground.


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May 17, 2011
For me a good nights sleep takes 100% priority so dont mind the bulk of an issue bag and would recommend them. Also they are big and roomy
Snugpak Elite 3 arrived (yes I know its only a 2 season really), yay!!

Its got loads of room, I can roll around in it with the expander panel open. So no worries on the 50" chest mate, its already been tested for you, lol!!

I would of bought the Alpkit but they are out of stock till late summer!! So if you go for the winter version of the Snugpak Elite you know it will fit. Also bear in mind this is a synthetic fill so is heavier and wont compact aswell as the down fills.



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You might want to consider a Jerven Bag. They're very roomy and I rate them very highly. They're not like a sleeping bag with baffles and drawcords and whatnot, they're basically just an insulated tarp with zips around the edges. You can fold it down the middle and zip it up. I find mine (the "Thermo Extreme") very good in cold weather but too hot in warmer weather.

The camouflage is pretty good too. :)

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Jun 27, 2009
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Apr 8, 2009
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Try the Carinthia Defence 4 (the longer 200cm model) - there are other threads about this bag on here, but its pretty good. 4 season, and the outer fabric is waterproof and breathable. Centre zip which helps in a hammock, and also helps some feel not as claustrophobic. Nice and wide at the shoulders and roomy at the chest. Only downside that some find is that for thermal efficiency, the hood is designed so that is has a face hole rather than a big opening.

It is the new British army issue sleeping bag taking over from the 90 pattern arctic bag, and its certainly lighter and more compact but providing the same warmth. As its issue, there are a few cropping up on ebay- e.g.

for full specs:

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Jun 27, 2009
Snugpak Elite 3 ordered and on it's way from Heinnie's as i write this, £74 delivered inc. BB discount, seems like a good do to me.

Thanks again folks