New Courses and dates from Coastal Survival - Survival at it's best!

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May 6, 2010
New Courses and dates from Coastal Survival - Survival at it's best!

New course:

Coastal Survival Diploma Courses
Coastal Survival Practitioner.
Learn real skills to approach any coastal location with confidence utilising the potential resources.

Each session runs over 3 days – Friday/Sunday – with a total of 4 sessions. Total days: 12.

The set of coastal survival skills you will experience and master included:

[h=2]Session 1: [/h]Safety:
Environmental hazards – Tides and moon cycles – Weather – Trip planing – Kit.

Requirements – Locations – Materials – Designs – Suitability – Construction.

[h=2]Session 2:[/h]Fire:
Woods – Tinders – Design – Location – Preparation kits – Available resource.

Locating – Procuring – Filtration – Collecting – Storing.

[h=2]Session 3:[/h]Food:
Foraging – Traps – Nets – Spears – Fishing – Preparation – Preserving – Cooking.

[h=2]Session 4:[/h]Well being:
Mind sets – Personal care – Wild medicine – Rescue signalling – Navigation - Equipment

The sessions may not run in the listed order and may vary according to seasonal times from the confirmed start dates. On each session you will be able to take note of the changing surroundings and the essential survival requirements of: shelter, fire, water, food will be achieved.
Upon completion of each session you will progress forward onto the next finishing with a certificate of Coastal Survival Diploma achievement.
We have designed this course for those who wish to gain a full and comprehensive level of experience in the subject of Coastal Survival and the various other skills needed to fully understand this rich and sometimes abundant environment.

This course is suitable for those who are already experienced in the outdoors with bushcraft and survival skills, including those who have attended any general bushcraft and survival instructors course with a view to completing your skills range.
Positive incentives given to charity and non for profit organisations.

Combinations of natural modern and improvised methods will be demonstrated then produced individually by the student. All instruction will be demonstrated first hand using practical skills on location to be tested in real time, producing real results!
To gain a full and comprehensive understanding of all techniques, four separate modules will take place in all four seasons allowing you the chance to experience the way changes in weather and climate can influence the various skills required.

Follow up work will be required after each course in the form of a written or video assessments to help us and you fully recognize your achieved skills – this also gives you a further reference point for the future.

To confirm booking a place on this course, payment in advance will be required, by a personal invoice sent to you upon your acceptance for the course is assured.

Please email us at if you would like more info on this course, please include details of any relevant courses you have attended or previous experience you have – alternatively call Fraser personally to discuss the possibilities – Tel 07702 104644.
Thank you.

Individual course fee: 4 x £225 per session – total payment £900.
(payment can be spread at no extra cost, but a deposit is required for all courses in advance)

Self catering and self camping accommodation in our woodland base and coastal locations.
Full catered include wild food and pantry stores.

Course based in West Dorset – First session Spring March 2015 – Dates tbc.

Advance enquiries welcome at

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May 6, 2010
[h=2]Inland Hunter Course[/h]Tracking - Trapping – Animal Behaviour – Game Cookery – Preserving

Our early coastal ancestors would have taken advantage of the woodland found along the coastline as do we, previously lightly covered on our highly acclaimed Coast Hunter course, we have been asked by past clients to develop this course allowing for total immersion in the ways of the inland hunter.
Tracking is one element of following animals, along with dowsing for locating wildlife in the field. understanding the varying habits throughout the changing seasons is the key, understanding the animal and knowing where to find them, together with the feeding and breeding habits and you can start to build a clear picture of the possible movements, the final factor is the weather, both previous and immediate.
Whether in a survival situation or a long term off grid one, the skills acquired on this course will give you a full and comprehensive range of knowledge to take away with you, learnt practically in situation, in real time in the field and woods. Instructors on this course are professional practitioners in their field of expertise – Learn more than just basics from proven consultants.
After full grasping the mindsets of the animals and there behaviour we will only be shooting and catching them with trail cam’s, situated around the wild woodland that surounds our base camp in West Dorset - Trail cam – buck deer video clip at night.
Once we have established the best shooting/trapping spots and set the trail cams, (to be be collect the next day, then we can upload the footage on to the computer for instant viewing) its back to base camp to build your own simple combinations of traps using to hand resources from the woodland, understanding the benefits and differences between modern and natural improvised materials.
Game is provided for preparation and cooking and varies depending on availability and seasons. Learn how to skin, gut and prepare the meat for a combination of spit roasting, smoking and cooking in the wood fired ground ovens along with utilising different parts of the animal including hide preparation.
Accommodation is camping off grid in the wild woodland base camp, fully catered with combinations of game provided – feather and fur.
If you have previously experienced courses of this nature, our past clients feedback leads us to believe you will benefit from coming on this course, where a lifetimes worth of professional combined knowledge and practical proven experience is generously shared in an honest down to earth manner.
Location – West Dorset
Next course date: 18/19th October 2014.
Individual course fee – £185.00
Fully catered selection of game supplied.

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