Sold ** NEW Bushcraft Spain Handmade Traditional Waxed Canvas Tarp (3m x 3m) in Forest Green - SAVE £75 **

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Jul 9, 2021
Bushcraft Spain Waxed Canvas 3m x 3m Tarp in Forest Green

Hi Guys,

I'm selling this new handmade waxed canvas tarp (with tags), which is unused and wrapped. Beautiful product, but I prefer a lighter tarp.

If you like their tarps, you'll find this item cheaper than purchasing from Bushcraft Spain directly, with a reduction in price of £25 (and you will also save on approximately £50 of customs and import fees; which I've already paid). Save yourself £75.

Will be shipped as recorded delivery.

Happy bushcrafting all.

** Selling for £130 ** (plus £5 postage)


I'm a longstanding, reliable seller on ebay. You can check out the same ad on ebay, for reassurance (check my stats):

Here's the info about the tarp from their website:

Bushcraft Spain‘s top product. Camp anywhere under your own oilskin tarp. The long staple cotton product we use, finished in an oil and wax formula, is a wonderful tarp for tarps and shelters. The ample and solid 3×3 meter canvas weighs around 2kg / 4,4lb (Forest Green Tarp), and it will shelter you during your wilderness adventure. All tarps are finished with a large number of loops (19) on all four sides and along the centre seam. Its layer of wax and oil provides resistance to water, which will slide down the tarp, thus making it very waterproof.

We were pioneers in the manufacture of Oilskin Tarps in Europe and we have paid all our care to their composition: all the loops are resistant, since they must withstand the constant pulls of the elements and we add extra resistant central reinforcements along the seam central for those who want to use the tarpaulin as in the diamond or plow-point configuration. The thread is of great strength and the stitches with attention to detail.


Dimensions: 3x3m (10’x10′) The best shape for most shelters.
Colour: Forest Green.
Their natural colours will make the tarp blend in the surroundings, enhancing the experience.
Weight: 2kg. The weight will slightly vary due to the inherent artisanal nature of the product.
It breathes, repels water and withstands the casual fire ember.
Our tarps are strictly handmade and show slight variations in weight, dimensions and colour; making each tarp unique.
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