need these boots

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Oct 13, 2008
Make sure you go for at least one size larger....
I take a 10 wide so got size 12's

Also bought the 13mm liners (Although the boots come with 10mm as standard)
With the 13mm liners my size 10's are tight in the size 12 boots.....and one pair of hiking socks only.....

Having to dump the 13mm liners....

Just a thought :)


Chris the Cat

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Jan 29, 2008
At work ( I help run a GP referal gym program as a fitness instructor )
One of my clients is an ex-marine who spent alot of his 20 year service,training the troops in Bardufoss.
I was quizzing him today about footwear,he replied that combat boots,large enough for two pairs of socks were fine!
This gave some hope to those of us,( like me! ) who can't afford new Pac type boots!
( I have spent all my money on other kit!!)
Food for thought.
Last year when I was in the arctic I was fine with German army surplus para boots ( Apart from dog sledging for four hours! me wee toes were cold after that! ) one pair of thermal liners ( thin ) and one pair of mountaineering wool socks.
This year I am going with German army surplus mountain boots,a pair of medium wool and a pair of thick wool socks. The boots this year will be one and a half times up from my usual size.
I live in hope!
My best.


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Jun 29, 2004
I disagree with getting a larger size on these,i am a size 8-81/2 and i got a pair of these brought over from Canada ,they have a 10mm liner and are marked a UK 8 ,they are a bit big on my foot ,so maybe a 13mm liner would be better for my experience this type of pack boots are oversized ,i also bought a pair of lacrosse leather lace up pack boots and went with the getting a size bigger theory and the were huge on my foot.i am pretty sure my Sorel pac boots would have fitted me better in the next size down better than the correct size.To sum up if possible buy this type of boot (especially)or any footwear as a matter of fact in the store and try them on properly,there is nothing worse than ill fitting footwear especially when you spend a small fortune on them.