Nanok Stuff Sack - "Tab"

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Just taken some pics of my bag for another thread and noticed something on the stuff sack bag.

I'm sure lots of you already know this, but since I've had the bag nearly 2 years and not noticed it then it might be worth mentioning.

I always thought the small tabs within the stuff sack was a small useless pocket, but on closer look today, i noticed that it's not even a pocket, it's just a "tab".
I was always concerned that when i stuff my bag in, there's always a hole around the opening, regardless of how tight you pull the draw strings.

I'm thinking that this is what this tab is for, just flip it over before you pull it tight... not amazing, but may help a bit if you got caught out.

Combined with MadDaves idea :

Which is, prior to stuffing your bag in, remove the internal foot well and place that inside the stuff sack, then you'll have a water proof liner to your stuff sack.

It could help a fair bit.



Nov 12, 2006
Most stuff sacks have these. The thing I find odd (in my experience at least) is that other stuff sacks I've used had straps that came over the top of the bag to hold it all in place.

I'm looking for a new bag for mine that's a bit more robust.


Oct 10, 2005
Essex, UK
I changed the Nanok stuff sack with one bought from NeedleSports. For the Nanok -10 I bought the medium. It *just* fits (with a fight). The larger one would be ideal and a must for anything bigger than the -10. They are pretty good stuff sacks IMHO.