My Perfect Stove Kit.

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I have spent a lot of time tinkering to find the perfect stove kit over the years.

This is what I'm working with at the moment, It's pretty close to my ideal.


The whole thing fits into the hide bag to keep it from sooting up the rest of my kit and the total weight including the bag is 820g.

If I go round clockwise from the top, it's based around a 10cm Zebra billy. I didn't like the handle as it was always in the way when packing so I replaced it with a SS wire bail which is more compact.

The lid can be used as a bowl if needed but I usually eat direct from the billy anyway.

The hobo stove is made from a SS container from Morrisons that fits nicely round the billy, there are a couple of slots cut in the sides that you can't see clearly that let the bail fittings nest better.

To make a rest for the pot I used two SS skewers that fit through holes in the top of the hobo stove. They're bent at the ends to stop them workind themselves out while you are moving the pot about.

Next is the bag which I've already mentioned, which is made from a bit of birch tanned reindeer hide. Heavier than it could be but I just like natural materials for some jobs.

To the right is the windshield from a Clikstand . This rolls up and fits inside the billy taking vitually no space at all.

Inside the windshield is a Triad titanium stove which can be used either with meths or solid fuel tablets.

The foil packages are Esbit fuel tablets. I wrap them to keep them from breaking up and also from old habit, I used to just stand a pan on three stones and burn them directly on the foil.

The brown rectangles in front are BBQ fire lighters. They are light and odourless and can be cut up. A small peice makes lighting the hobo a lot easier.

A small light chain for hanging the pot over a proper fire. The ends are cut to form hooks that can be used for adjustment.

Pine cones are great stove fuel. You can tell if they are dry because they open up and if you give them a shake to free the seeds they have done thier job and are now surplus to requirements as far as the tree is concerned. I often have a pocket full just from picking them up as I go along.

Pot handle / grip. This one is a Trangia one that I cut down to fit into the billy, which also reduces the weight a bit too. Useful when you are stirring or eating from the billy.

A folding cup, most uses are obvious but I usually put some water in it while I'm cooking in case somethink starts burning that shouldn't. It's also good for dipping your fingers in if you burn yourself.... :eek:

A film container full of matches. I use an APS type because they are oval rather than round which fits better. Sometimes I just need a light and don't want to mess about. I prefer matches because you can poke them into the fuel better.

The bowl from the Zebra billy. I used to think it was useful for eating from but as I've said I use the lid or the billy itself now.

What I've done is drill holes round the edge of the bowl and it can be used as a steamer or a strainer.

The white bit at the back is something called a "Chef Aid" which is a mini pot scraper made of plastic. Much better than a scouring pad because you can dry it before packing. Usually I use ash to clean the pan if I've got a fire but if not this little thing is dead handy.

So depending on the outing I can carry some meths, food, water and I'm pretty well sorted for any situation.

I'd be interested to see other peoples perfect kits though.

Matt Weir

Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 22, 2006
Tyldesley, Lancashire.

Can I ask what you mean when you refer to 'gritty silica'? Also, I presume you can use the ash from the hobo stove after you've finished?


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Nov 29, 2003
Very good. It is impressive how it fits together so well, and the kit is a bit lighter than a military Trangia.

I have one of the Triad stoves and although fine with Esbit/hexamine fuel, I find it unreliable with meths. It needs a windshield to work well, of course.

The flexi-cups are near indestructible and drinks don't get cold quickly like they do with metal cups. However I find the capacity (circa 200ml?) too low and prefer a Swedish military plastic kuksa.

I guess I am still looking for the perfect set-up too. I guess most of us want a setup that works as a conventional camping stove for the times when a fire is not allowed, but will also work with natural fuel/open fire when this is feasible.

The military Trangia will work well with an open fire, but being able to contain the fire in a firebox, like Waylands setup, is perhaps a better option as it makes it easier to leave no trace.


Mar 5, 2005
Nice work!
I was thinking of making a similar stove that fits the swedish army trangia billy can but to get an oval shape with stainless steel would be difficult. Your idea is simpler and better.


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Sep 15, 2005
Now if only it were big enough to hold enough mead for all the Aesir at one time, it would be a perfect match for your folding canoe! ;)

Seriously, that's a well thought-out kit. Personally I just go with the crusader + mini meths stove or an open fire, but I have just ordered one of the cheap (seconds) pocket cookers off eBay, so we'll see how that goes and how I integrate it into the rest of my kit...


Feb 15, 2005
Silkstone, Blighty!
As the welders in our REME workshops can weld aluminium, I was gonna get a kettle made for the military trangia, but I never got round to it. I wanted to make it oval and it was gonna have a spout like the civvie trangia kettle, and be half the depth of the pot and sit inside when stowed away. I tend to store my meths and burner outside of the pot to stop any meths taste getting into the kit, so it would have worked perfectly. An idee for anyone who can weld ally!


Doc said:
Very good. It is impressive how it fits together so well, and the kit is a bit lighter than a military Trangia. <Snip>
Yes I got one of the Military Trangias and I liked the idea but because it's so squaddie proof the weight is way too much.

I've been using the Billy in this setup for a while but looking out for a container to make a small hobo with. I used to use an ikea cutlery drainer like this but it was a bit too big in the end.

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Oct 16, 2005
Very nice setup, make me upset my local Morrisons haven't deemed fit to stock them :(

If you can find a container the right size you could even drop the Vargo base,(with top legs folded in) into the billy, place the small conatiner ontop of that then pop the billy lid on and you've got yourself a nice bannock oven, ontop of everything else. I'm thinking a tiffin tin might be the right size.

When using the Vargo and Clickstand windshield do you prop the bottom up off the ground or is there enough airflow with it flat to ground?

I'm also now wondering if there's a way to get that windshield into use in wood burning config, sheilding the bottom of the billy a little and creating a sort of volcanoe stove. On the other hand when using wood the wait to boil doesn't usually seem so much a wait, it's often a comfort and pleasure itself.


Jan 21, 2006
I have also been slowly modifying my set, i am nearly there.

I've done something very similar with both my 12cm and 10cm zebra cans. I dont use the 10 much though. I would post some photo's but i cant/dont know how to.
I have 'scrapped' the lift out tray/plate as i think it doesn't really have a purpose, unless you do what wayland has done, as i eat out of the pot itself.
Instead I got a second 'billy' that was a stainless kilner jar previously which fits perfectly inside the 12cm can with only a mm to spare. I made a stainless wire loop handle which is removalble, and folds/squashes into the bottom.
The original lid of the zebra fits on the smaller adapted billycan and the stainless loop handle locks it on like a pressure cooker lid almost. In one side where the loop handle goes through the billy, i have drilled a few small other holes, which means you can clamp the lid on and drain your pasta/rice etc.

My mug goes in the middle, and i have a range of containers depending on what i want to carry which fit perfectly inside my mug e.g. milk powder.
In with the mug goes my gas stove and, teaspoon, and space for two small tabbaco tins for other bits etc.
I have also tracked down a cutlery strainer thing like wayland has in the lower photo, from Woolworths, which i think will fit around the outside of the 12cm zebra. So a whole range of possibilites.

i've started a similar thing with my 10cm, got a perfect fitting inner billycan that was a stainless sugar/coffee jar.


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Jul 16, 2006
I bought this soon to be my new billycan & stove set in Wilkinsons today for £2.99,

There a stacked set, Widths 10cm, 9cm & 8cm.

I will be starting work on them tomorrow.
I'll photograph each stage to show you guys, If you don't mind of course!:)



Jan 21, 2006
That looks like a good find greg. Are you planning on keeping all 3 as pots or is the largest one becoming a hobo stove? The smallest is about mug diameter?

looking forward to seeing the progress


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Jul 16, 2006
billycan said:
That looks like a good find greg. Are you planning on keeping all 3 as pots or is the largest one becoming a hobo stove? The smallest is about mug diameter?

looking forward to seeing the progress
The largest one will be my stove, the medium & smallest are big enough to make hot water for a re-hydrating food and a hot drink.:D


Making memories since '67
Mine has changed a little since I took these pictures but is pretty much the same.

All housed in an army water bottle pouch.

It is actually all in an order, it just looks stuffed in :rolleyes:

There is a crusader mug under a water bottle, a clickstand, a trangia burner (full of meths) a foil windbreak (made from a disposable Bar-B-Que) and a lid for the crusader mug.

The lid has been upgraded with one of Russell's. Not in the picture there is also a spork a disposable lighter and a ferro rod in the pouch. Oh and a packet of puritabs from a ration pack.

Clickstand set up with a couple of bits of coat-hanger to support the mug.

All set up with the windshield. That and the lid makes a huge difference in boil times.

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