my new project

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Sep 24, 2010
Hi Simon,

If you pm FGYT on here he can give you more information as he is the maker, here's his thread about the kits

Mountainm, I'm jealous, those sclaes look gorgeous cant wait to see the finished knife!!
Wow. Duncans blades are bloomin sharp. I have got some of my knives shave sharp but this gives me a new benchmark.
Hence the H&S warning :D

and thast a real nice bit of wood you have

That looks REALLY nice.

I checked their website, but it's a bit sparse - any ideas where I can get a bit more info on the kits available?

yes sorry its a holding page at the moment not really for general issue. Im working on the website but DIY and making are getting in the way if you look at my posts started it should give you an idea of some of my stuff.




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Jan 12, 2011
is it done yet ;)
I was on hols in france for 2 weeks so not started. Just deliberating the handle shape nearest the blade. The pin holes suggest a certain angle or S shape but the cutting edge termination suggests another. I want to make it so there's no "overhang" of handle on the cutting edge (to limit possibilities of damaging the handle whilst batoning) so have been trying several different options - but I can't make up my mind. Once I've made "the first cut" I'll be motoring.
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