My new deer skin moccasins

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Dec 8, 2007
I just wanted to show you guys my cool new made to measure moccasins.These moccasins where made by full time artisan and friend of mine Jann French.Jann first learn the art of making moccasins in the traditional native American style.But she has gone to develop her own totally unique style.She works totally with traditional hand tool and use mostly deer hide for her moccasins..


My pair of moccasins after a few walks in the local woods.Jann calls this style the Toby,mine are soft deer hide with small antler buttons.


The farrier's(as she likes to call herself) tools of the trade..!!


Myself get measured up..Jann work this out this stuff really fast and sews pretty darn fast too..!!

I you like Jann's work you can see more of it at here cool website..

Or contact her through facebook ..!/pages/Jann-French-Artist-Craftsperson/103415526363766
Feb 15, 2011
Yes I like those a lot especially the colour & texture of the leather goodjob .......but I would have to keep them for indoors as neither my feet nor the moccasins would last an hour if I wore them out side, & probably wouldn't last 5 minutes if I took them dog walking :)

edit: I think you'll find the model you have is called the ' Osborne'........she has some interesting designs on her website.
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Nov 26, 2011
Western Canada
Those look great I like stuff that is hand made in tradional way. The items are in most cases are much better than those that are mass produced.

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