My hobo fishing kit

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Oct 25, 2009
“Hobo” means – essentially – a migratory worker . Hobo is a vagabond, which means, in latin “a person who move around fulltime”

The origin of the term “hobo” is unknown, anyway we know that hobos were (and are) not tramps, or bums: hobos are persons full of energy, curious, looking around for new jobs and experiences

As a final note, in the USA the “hobos” developed a sort of new language (1930/40 - Great Depression)

Jack London was also someway a hobo

So Jack Kerouack

I consider myself also a “hobo”, with proud :)

A properly “hobo” didn’t need for sophisticate items to catch food (or do a shelter ecc.): he use what is available at the time.

This explain the “hobo fishing kit”: it’s – in summary” a self made fishing kit, using soda cans, woods, bamboo, bottles, and other materials as fishing rod. The rest is usually (not always) more normal, a simple fishing line.

Here R. Mears fishing whit a hobo fishing kit

And here we are with my “hobo fishing kit”

I used a piece of old bamboo (I took it on Greece, 2 years ago), 30 cm long, internal diameter 2 cm, closed with a cork. The fishing rope (20 metres) is assured to the bamboo with pieces of bike’s air chamber

I also added a lanyard to the my fishing rod.

On the internal side, a float fishing + 1 meter of fishing rope with leads and hook

It’s very light, some 100 grams.
Now I need just to jump on a train

and a lake :)

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Jan 18, 2011
South Lincs UK
Nice post with the history angle as well as your kit. The 58 bottle with the line on is probably the most real hobo fish set pictured :?) having said that yours looks excellent and the RM looks expensive.


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May 11, 2009
Fantastic info and detail there - love the way you have mixed the history and the bushcraft