My first sheath; for the Spiderco Bushcrafter

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I got one of the Spiderco Bushcrafter knives and was like most people not particularly taken with the sheath. I asked Rapidboy about making a sheath for me but I would have to wait for a while and send the knife to him. I decided I should really try making a sheath myself.

So here we have it. It is 4mm leather stitched with artificial sinew. I decided to try doing it with a basketweeve pattern. I was expecting this to turn out pretty badly so used a grade 2 leather I had. It actually turned out pretty well so I should have probably used the good leather but I guess after a few weeks use it would probably have ended up looking the same anyway.

Having no patience and with only pretty heavy duty rings to hand I have used a heavier gauge ring than I would normally have but again this looks okay, in my opinion. The sheath is a very deep one which is my preference. The only thing I would say was a mistake is I did not take enough time to make sure the tongue that goes over the back and holds the ring is not centred but I can live with this.

So here are the pictures.

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Making memories since '67
Thank you all. I am very pleased with it. It is my first sheath but I have done a few leather projects before so can't say I am a complete newbie but definitely still a beginner.

Since I started tooling leather I find it hard to make anything without patterning it in some way. I keep thinking about British Red's sheath for his knife and can only dream of that level of decoration.

Of course with this being my first sheath and not being sure how it would turn out I was not going to do some big custom pattern on it only for it to turn out pants. I was also concerned that the wet forming would wipe out the tooling that had been done or that the tooling would stretch the leather too much and mean the sheath ended up mis-shaped. Anyway it all worked out in the end.


Jun 22, 2009
As said - that's a great looking sheath!

How did you get teh weave pattern - some sort of punch? I notice there are so sea shell designs nr the edged - nice.


Jul 23, 2007
Central Scotland
Top stuff sir!! The tooling isn't really to my own taste but I love the colour and the sinew, that's come out really well, off to ebay I think...