My first fixed blade


Sep 2, 2009
North East England, Teesside.
Hi, just thought I'd share this with you. Maybe Im making a fool of my self by doing so but here goes...

I am desparate to buy a clipper and I cant buy anything till my bank card comes through (next month.) While wheeling the trolly round Tesco I spotted the kitchen department with some knives on the wall. I picked this one up for £2.

I got home unwrapped it and sliced some paper with it to see if it was sharp, it was ok, could be better though. I wrapped the handle with a shoe lace what made it feel a lot better to use. But the knife had no cover, so I made a sheath. I'll get some better pictures once my camera has charged up. If anyone wants to know how I made the sheath just ask :)

Cost to me:
£2 for the knife
a Dvd case
Super glue
Material from an old broken bag
some cord
a loop of leather
and a shoe lace

Result :



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Nov 17, 2003
Michigan, USA
Well, it the edge doesn't hold up to the rigors of woodcraft, it will still make a pretty handy knife for small game and food prep. I'd keep that one close. Looks pretty useful.


Jan 1, 1970
mendip hills, somerset
Its got a double bevel edge, so it probably will loose the edge. I may grid it down to a single bevel see what its like.
the bevel wont make a difference mate, its the steel and heat treatment.
cheap kitchen knives are made from very low quality stainless steel, they arent designed to be sharp theyre designed to be dishwasher proof. so if they cant hold an edge, how do they cut food? well thats why they have very thin blade, so a cutting edge is less important for food and stuff.
that knife looks fine for food prep but it wuld be too flexible for woodwork.
why not try making you own knife from scratch?
i made this one from a nail, and a lump of antler and its sharp enough to shave arm hair.
and the cost £0.00

All the best
and good luck


Jan 1, 1970
mendip hills, somerset
all you need mate is a hammer, i did this one with an anvil and hammer but i have used an old shovel as a anvil. also as for heat treating, if you have a gas cooker you can try this,
get a pair of tongs, hold the blade in the flames untill red hot, then quench the red hot blade into warm water, this makes all the difference between a blade that can hold an edge and a blade that cant. and as for handles, all you need is a drill, although a vice and a belt sander mades it easyer.
oh and good luck with your clipper, fantasctic knives for the price and will cut wood better than a ray mears woodlore due to the thinner edge.
Good luck