Must read - Rules for forum

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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
The, hook, line and sinker forum is for all chat and discussion about fishing, we’ll put everything in here to do with all types of fishing related subjects.

There are many legal issues with fishing, laws are different all over the world as are techniques and attitudes, this forum is not for political ranting and bushcraft uk will never condone illegal activity, we are allowing discussion for the benifit of knowledge and the community that we serve. The onus is on you the poster and readers to act in a lawful manner when participating in fishing activities.

Pointing out what’s illegal or legal in the UK and other countries is welcome but it should be to the point and where possible include references (and or links) to the relevant legislation. Keep in mind though that an appropriate response might be to just point out it’s say, illegal here in the UK (here's the links) but in Brazil it’s perfectly legal, that is where i was when i did this (example).
We do reserve the right to change the rules, delete content and moderate how we feel we need to and all of the general forum rules still apply so good behaviour and respect is expected all the time.

This forum will need clarity in posting, good polite communication and patience between you all.

Do not post up pictures of yourself or others involved in illegal activities (this would be country and law respective)

We do want to see traditional crafts and techniques as well as modern so don’t feel like we’re narrowing down the subject, we’re not, we’re encouraging it’s discussion in all respects.

:fishing: :thankyou: