MTM case-guard pistol rest


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Jun 14, 2004

MTM Pistol Rest is extremely useful when sighting in handguns with scopes and when checking your loads for accuracy. The rest adjusts to 20 different positions, so it will accommodate just about every type and size of pistol. The fork has soft molded on rubber to protect the gun's finish, and the unit gives you a comfortable shooting position. The fork stores inside the base piece when not in use making it a compact package.
MTM Pistol Rest
Because every box of ammo is slightly different, MTM has developed this pistol rest to take the mystery out of each box. The MTM pistol rest is so versatile that it will accommodate a Derringer to a 14" Contender. The base locks into the fork at 20 different positions. Rubber padding is molded to the fork to protect your handgun. The rest was designed to be used without a sandbag, but they can be used with it. When not in use the fork has been designed to clip into the bottom of the base for compact storage. Made of tough polypropylene to last.

Pics of actual item available by PM
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Dec 30, 2005
There are indeed - and pistols aren't banned from the UK. Cartridge firing pistols under 24" are "normally prohibited" only from Great Britain - but there are still plenty of pistols owned and shot even here

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