Mountain Lion Tracks - Take the Quiz

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Hi Everyone!

About a week ago, I published an article on my website to help beginners learn to interpret mountain lion tracks (Mountain Lion Tracks - Learn to Read Them). I tried to write the article I wished I had when I started out. I did not mention it on this forum because I suspect there are not many wild mountain lions running around the UK. :)

However, I also promised a short "quiz" the following week to permit people to practice their skills. There was enough interest in the quiz that a friend supplied what I think is a very special prize to encourage participation. People can participate without any desire for a prize. The answers to the quiz are sent to everyone who submits their assessments.

One of the things that disappoints me about giveaways on American websites is that they frequently have the qualification, "will only ship to the continental US". This effectively excludes people from Canada and the UK.

I enjoy reading posts on this forum very much. So I have no such restriction on this quiz. Feel free to participate, if it interests you. Here is the link: Mountain Lion Tracks - Take the Quiz.

I know there are a number of very accomplished trackers on the forum. So if anyone spots mistakes in the quiz, please let me know ASAP. I want to make sure the information is solid so people can benefit.

- Woodsorrel
Mar 15, 2011
on the heather
Hi Woodsorrel
It's easy when you know how, It's the knowing how that's hard." My mum used to tell me.
I read your (Mountain lion Tracks- Learn to Read Them) first , well written and with very clear instructions and pointers so the credit goes entirely to you.
Cheers Bro.


A bemused & bewildered
Jan 5, 2013
SE Wales
I have never heard that before!

A popular one in the US is from the author, Mark Twain:

"Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions." :)

- Woodsorrel

I've heard it said that Mark Twain is America's improved version of Oscar Wilde, and I wouldn't argue with that; he has a quote for nearly every situation, and unlike Wilde, Twain's wisdom has much more to do with the every day reality of life for the ordinary folk :)
I'm not certain where Twain stands among writers and commentators, Macaroon. But I sure do enjoy his sense of humor! I would be delighted to meet him at a party.

His most often repeated quote is one I wish I followed more often:

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
- Mark Twain

This quote even applies to animal tracking. If I am tracking with a group, I now pose questions instead of making trenchant statements. The animals have proven me a fool much too often. :)

- Woodsorrel

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