Mountain Equipment Co-op?

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I've seen Les Stroud in their gear and he gets into some pretty dirty places.

So should I get a pair of MEC quick dry pants? A Canadian friend has offered me a chance to improve Canada's balance of payments with Asia.

I am looking for something tough and which will dry quicker than poly-cotton.

Also it should not cling to my knees when its wet.

Thought of this

The environment I'm in is equatorial rainforest. So think Amazon, Borneo, Congo.

All advice gratefully received
Jan 28, 2010
I have a pair; they are tough and they do dry very quickly... they are good for warm weather, I use them in summer season only....
they are the only pair of long pants I take on my canoe trips....hope this helps.


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May 25, 2005
Can't comment on these pants in particular but I recently spent 4 months in Canada and I must say all the MEC products I bought were great. And that's quite a few. It's pretty hard to say with pants especially if you can't try them, but from my experience MEC does instill confidence in getting a decent well thought out product. HTH, Chris


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Sep 19, 2008
Scotland, looking at mountains
Yes yes yes - they are amazing. I have had some pairs 20 years and they are indestructible. Almost impossible to rip, very very breathable, cuffs at bottom keep creepy crawlies out and mean trouser can be hitched up for wading, very fast-drying. I think we have about 8 pairs in the house between us. Sizing is slightly tricky. I am 36 ins waist 34 inside leg and I take a mens xlarge if that is any help



Feb 22, 2007
I wear a great deal of MEC gear and I've found the vast majority of it to be extremely well thought, durable and very good value for money. Sometimes the colours can be a bit odd (I was told by a deputy manager at the Calgary branch that MEC got what Patagomia didn't in terms of organic cotton) but I've been wearing a Windstopper fleece I bought in Vancouver 10 years ago every winter since. I've now invested in their cheap-as-chiips Primaloft jacket and vest. I wear their socks, trousers, shirts, fleeces and shells; in fact some days I'm a walking MEC advert.

Having just been to Arizona, I have to say that MEC is far better than REI in terms of quality, value and service. I was very disappointed with REI.

We go over to Canada once every couple of years and I buy up the store. I'm just hoping the CDN Dollar/Sterling rate recovers somewhat before we go next!