moth protection

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Jan 29, 2007
Spring is not so far away and that means moths. Could anyone please offer advice on how I can protect my woollen jumpers etc from being eaten??


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Nov 21, 2015
Hopefully not a "holey" thread resurrection...!

I'm guessing that most folks on here have got a fair bit of wool and other natural fibre clothing in their wardrobes - what do people use to ward off the evil (or perhaps just misunderstood), clothes moth and what works?

I have not been using anything to date and have been lucky so far but don't want to tempt fate, not least because my darning skills are not up to much! :)

Lavender was recommended on this old thread but I have also heard of cedar wood and/or oil being used - any experience of either or other natural deterrents (or unnatural ones for that matter!), that work alongside being vigilant and vacuuming?



Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Best advice is to keep the blighters out.
If you can get hold of the zip on pillow slip covers that are meant to be anti-allergens....for folks allergic to bed mite dander apparently.....and to keep the pillow clean from greasy hair and sweat....then thoes are supposed to be really effective agin the moths.
Handy size to pack jumpers and thermals into anyway. Fold and store tidily.

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Jul 4, 2018
I'm told Cedar wood is pretty good as a natural moth repellent, especially if combined with dried lavender or rosemary. Not tried it myself as I've never had a problem with moths.

As Toddy says, make sure everything is scrupulously clean as moths are attracted to human sweat etc. Vacuum pack anything that won't be needed again until Autumn/Winter to keep it protected (also reduces storage space).

EDITED TO ADD: You can make little muslin bags with cedarwood shavings/chippings plus some dried herbs. These can be put into the pockets of clothing or slipped into the side of a pillowcase when you are out camping.
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Apr 19, 2018
Cedar wood drawers in your cupboards are supposed to be good, esp yellow . You can buy little balls of wood, our house is full of them as my wife and moths have been at war for decades now. I keep stepping on them balls ... which makes me heartily desire a peace treaty.

Lavender as mentioned. Also there are various cans with anti moth smell coming out of them in our cupboards.

When I view the situation with an objective eye, I'd say the moths are winning, and in any case I think they use the lavender oil as aftershave. So, one of those electric tennis bats would at least put some fun in the fight.

The thing I notice is that my wool clothes don't get eaten. Only hers. Not kidding, I think there is more to it than just the wool eating habits of moths.

In the end, think modern artificial fibres, martinis and lounge music. It is the only genuine way forward. One thing scientists do know is that moths, musical purists that they are, cannot stand a sampled bossa nova.
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