Mora blade question

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Mar 2, 2009
Hey Guys wanted to finally make a knife for myself and I am gonna use a Mora number 1 blank for the blade but what I wanna know how do you put the handle on it? Also I am toying with either using a piece of Birch some Maple or a piece of Cedar for it thought about Pine to as I have plenty in my yard I wanna keep it as cheap as possible don't really have any money to go buy wood that's why I am looking round my yard for a good piece.This is also my first time doing anything like this. So any tips would be appreciated thanks

Here is the link for the blade I want to get.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Feb 20, 2007
Whitehaven Cumbria
Good blade it will a good knife (I have a number 1 is good). Birch and maple are good woods I am not sure about Cedar but it should be OK.
Avoid pine IMO dont use softwood.

A good tutorial can be found HERE


Aug 24, 2009
i'm not much of an authority, but isn't cedar a fairly soft wood? Looks like it splits fairly easy too from what i've seen. Could be completely wrong tho :D

Good blades btw ;)

Ogri the trog

Apr 29, 2005
Mid Wales UK
For knife handles on a budget, I keep old hickory axe and hammer handles that have broken off - just because the head has come off your axe, doesn't mean to say you have to throw it away.
To make a knife handle, you can cut them to any length and either saw the piece down the middle to make scales or drill a long hole through for stick-tang blades - coming from a cutting tool handle (maybe not hammer handles :rolleyes:) I figure they should be fine as a knife handle!


Ogri the trog
Jan 11, 2006
yep dito on whats allready been said you can find tutorials on scales or tang blade,s over at british blades if you like PM me a pic of the blade or a link to the site you got it from and ill pm you back the correct link ceder splits to easy (ray mears birch bark canoe episode used gunnels from it because of this property) avoid pine it will shrink after it is installed maple would be good just make sure if its raw wood I.E. a log its at least three years old its basically drill and glue if its a stick tang or you can weld threaded bar to the end and use a nut if its a full tang same width as the blade its a scales job (much simpler with scales tbh) either way pm me :)

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