moccasin boots

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Having spent the last month or so wearing german paraboots due to weather i noticed i was starting to develop a limp (not uncommon with me i have trick knees which disagree with weighty footwear.
i decided i need some lighter weight footwear and wanted some moccasins (i blame Mr Mears early books, Mr Kephart and also Mr Sears for an influence there )
i quick search of evilbay brought these moccasin boots to my attention and so i invested in a pair.
they arrived ruddy fast (so fast they got here before the dispatch email arrived in my inbox!)

i've swapped the laces for standard bootlaces as i don't trust the thonging style too much.
i have just given them a coating of dubbin as i do with all leather footwear just as a precaution.

i've been wearing them for the last few days and so far they seem pretty good.
thought i would share in case anyone else is in the market for light and comfy foot wear.
i reckon when it gets bit dryer they will be good for a mooch in the woods too.

no connection etc etc etc

Ogri the trog

Apr 29, 2005
Mid Wales UK
They look pretty good Sam,
how did you find the sizing of them, did they come up small, large or bang on for the size you ordered?
I fancy a pair of lightweight mooching boots (doing the GPB myself) for the summerm, - if we get one!

Ogri the trog
Ogri- i have odd feet that are wide but the size 8 fit bang on for me. whats the gpb? showing my ignorance there
Southey the foot bed isn't too noticeable, some arch support but noting amazing. however as i bought em from a whisper fashion retailer not outdoors specialist store i wasn't expecting much. but pleasantly surprised so far.


Full Member
Aug 13, 2007
how much grip has the tread got would you say they are fair weather boots or do you think they would do ok in the mud?

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