Millbank Bag

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After one of these.
Just missed out on one on ebay few nights ago... missus was chatting to me.. then 3 mins to go machine crashed.. was not impressed!

Millbank on Ebay

Been looking about for some online, but haven't really had much luck.... or they were stupidly expensive.
Anyone seen them anywhere, at a decent price?



White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
£8.99 - not a bad price. You used to be able to get the full kit of Millbank bag, iodine and neutralising powder from YHA stores but I don't think you can any more.
Now and then you see them in Surplus stores but not very often.
Thanks fellas,
Great help, Is a good price, mostly seen them around for about £12.
might get one from there.

Justin: I'm sure i looked there for it once, must have missed it.. or i was probably distracted and starting looking for other stuff on there :)

Tony: I've got iodine and neutralising tablets seperately now, so that's cool.... but a kit would have been great back then! :(

Surplus stores... over here there's only one really, and to be honest they're not cheap and don't really have too much in-stock, so most things i was after they had to order...

Justin Time

Aug 19, 2003
South Wales
well the eBay millbank bag arrived this morning, cheaper than springfields... It's stamped with Waring & Gillow Ltd. 1945! Do you think it'll really be that old?



Aug 29, 2003
Northwich, Cheshire
One of the new outdoor shops on deansgate in manchester (there are several and this is not one of the reputable names) has new millbank bags in some third party brand's wrapper at about twenty-eight quid. I don't think it even included the chemicals.

Does that qualify as taking the p ?