Mid Devon new member wants to meet up

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May 15, 2021
Hi all, my name is Joe, Im in my early 30s and have been living in Devon since Jan 2020. I currently work as a landscape gardener, but am the Jack of all trades. I'm friendly and easy to get along with and enjoy socialising with people of all ages.

I've come down to Devon from Manchester simply to be closer to nature and away from the city.

I'm really keen to get out exploring, camping and learning some new skills. I would love to learn more about foraging, Bushcraft, survival, and all things to do woth the outdoors. I have a bushcrafrt course booked for August, followed by a foraging course in October, but that seems ages away......
My knowledge in bushcraft is basic, but i'm passionate about it all anyway, and have been living it up since I was old enough to pinch my dads hammer and nails and make dens/camp out with friends. I tested myself often with wild camping whilst travelling abroad for 3 years

Since coming to Devon I don't have many friends or contacts other than my GF, who I live with.

I would be very keen to meet up with people in the surrounding area, who are also Interested in Bush craft, wild camping, and the outdoors, and might be willing to share some company, skills, in exchange for good friendly company, enthusiasm and love of the outdoors.

Summer is round the corner and I want to get off the couch and out and about living. It would be much better with company than going alone.
Please get in touch if you feel the same.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon



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