Merthyr the Mallet

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Meet Merthyr the Mallet.

I have a variety of wooden mallets in my camping gear but sometimes things require hitting with a bit of metal. A lump hammer does the job but is, as the name suggests, a bit of a lump to carry round.

While wandering around Merthyr Mawr at the Bushmoot this year, I stumbled ( quite literally ) upon an old 2" nut, half buried in the ground, which sparked an idea.

After a bit of cleaning up and firmly wedged onto a bit of beech I found lying around in my workshop we now have just the thing.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and all that.
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Seems to have been a common perception judging by responses here and on FB.

I guess a lump on a stick brings such things to mind which is something to consider when using it.

Interesting that a hammer or an axe do not seem to produce quite the same kind of reaction even though they were also used in exactly the same kind of context.

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