Meet at Coed Hierth July 13 -15th

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Apr 7, 2007
off grid somewhere else
Meet at Coed Hierth July 13 -15th [HR][/HR] We have managed to secure these dates in July but as explained before it wont be regular as others use this space

Hi all I have been given permission to use and improve this area, there will be limited places available so first come basis, It is a family friendly site with a prep area, long drop loo, certified spring water, and a fresh water stream here is a link, monies raised go to improving the site for future use.

The dates that are free in july are from Fri 13 till the 15th / parking is limited but we have use of hard standing behind the Wern Pub and a short tab

Prices are per person per night
·Adults £5
·Children 8 yrs -16 yrs £2.50
·Children under 8 yrs FREE
·This is non-profit making.

This venue is offered for family bushcraft activities only, and is not in any way offered as a course, although impromptu demo's may happen!

Water we have a spring for drinking water(afterall the rain we have had recently I would boil this as well ) the water taken from the fresh water stream will have to be boiled and is suitable for a brew, cooking and washing if in doubt ask

Rules for dog owners are:
NO DOGS sorry.


You need to be aware of where your children are at all times.
·Please keep an eye on your children in the communal area and not let them run around as we don't want any unnecessary accidents.
We incourage the safe use of sharps, please make sure all carving and like is supervised.
·Please ensure that your children are in bed or at your camping area from 10.00pm – 8.00am and are not running around during this period.


·The only ground fire that we can have is in the communal area.
·All other wood (or wood type) fires must be raised so no scaring occures.
·Due to limited fuel, fires must be kept small, dont waste what we have!
there are several large trees that have fallen and some that will be felled that can be cut and stored for firewood.
·There are no refuse facilities on site.
·You bring it in, you take it away.
.There is never to be a communial rubbish bin.

By adding your name to the list you are acknowledging that you have read all of the above


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 7, 2007
off grid somewhere else
As posted on the other side so no hard feeling
A quick update on this venue sorry guys but this site will be unavailable in the future to members of this site due to a total lack of interest.

it will be by invite only from now on