Looking for Glasgow-based Wild Campers


Jan 1, 2013
Hi all,

I currently go on the odd wild camping overnighter with a mate but unfortunately we always end up going only once or twice a year due to work restraints; just not often enough I reckon. I particularly enjoy navigating off of trails before reaching camp, and although I have a tent I prefer a medium-weight setup with a hammock and tarp or a lightweight kit with bivi and tarp.

In any case, I'm looking for someone to go on 1/2 night trips to areas around Scotland. I don't drive so I'm not bothered whether you drive or not as I'm used to getting transport, I suppose the only prequisite is that you have to be fit enough to go off the beaten track regardless of weather.

I'm based in Glasgow so if you're interested or know someone who might be then be sure to let me know.


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tiger stacker

Dec 30, 2009
I tend to camp, around the trossachs and the campsie hills, there is a lot of good spots to pitch up. Public transport is good, you learn when and where to meet buses trains. Good luck
Aug 31, 2016
I've just recently arrived in kilmacolm and will be around until the second week of October and am looking for someone to do exactly his with. 21yo male from Australia. Was thinking of doing a night out on the Knapps as a sort of test of my setup either over the weekend or next week some time if you're keen!