Long overdue canoe camping trip.

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Nov 5, 2003
Cool trip had my canoe for two weeks and had nothing under a five gusting seven eight nines so not paddled it yet roll on summer


Making memories since '67
Thanks for sharing were the canvas tarps ?

The tarps are polycotton ones. I got them made for a group buy type thing on SongofthePaddle. They are 4m x 3.3m so good for use with a hammock in whatever direction you set them up. They weight about 2.5kg. We also got lighter weight ones made that weigh about 1.1kg for the same size. I don't have any left and am not planning on reordering anytime soon but there are probably ones people don't use that could be found with a wanted request on SotP.


Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Hard to believe the pictures were all taken in one day. I guess you are experienced paddlers after watching that video - its easy to end up swimming if you are not too good at paddling.

Typical Scottish weather really. My eldest son is here this morning putting up a new fence; right now it's Sunny, but the wind's just gotten up, and I'm looking across to Blantyre and the sky is blueblack, so I'm pretty sure it's going to hail. We're supposed to get sunshine and light rain later on though. Brits have dozens of words for rain :sigh:

Those tarps have done well John :) so have the hammocks though. I know you went to a lot of effort arranging to have them made, etc., but I know I'm not the only one who thought it was worth it :D



Full Member
Jan 31, 2005
Looks like a good trip. The camp set up looks good too. Always nice to have a comfy camp to come back too and kick back in when out in weather like that. Sam's a bonny dog, a very expressive face.

We've been having similar weather over here on the other side of Scotland, all seasons in one day. (Woke up to everything white with snow this morning, then bright sunshine, now dull and cloudy).

Cheers for posting up, it's getting me in the mood for my next trip - though got to wait for May for that.


Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Rain's just wet stuff we get used to…..but even HM the Q has a brolly specially made to match her outfits.
I don't, but a recent add up came to three pairs of wellies and eleven brollies :eek:
I can't imagine living somewhere with no damp, no water, no rain.
Describing rain though….oh that's myriad :) from smirr to gandiegow, from stoting to haar, mizzle to drizzle, teeming to plothering or just dreich that leaves us drookit…the list goes on and on.



Jan 13, 2009
newmains scotland
I too love that wee island and have camped in the same spot if you look up in the tree you was under I found a log that looks like a head so I climbed the tree and tied it in place hope its still there lol

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