Location and land ownership

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blond beard

New Member
Feb 3, 2021
Hey guys i am new to bushcraft and really want to practice some skills with a friend or two. Problem is i have no idea where to go in Liverpool. i know that some lands belonging to people. My question is how do i find the owner or get in contact with them? Or if there is any good publick locations to go to


Oct 6, 2003
Moved your post from the Rules and Regs forum. Really should get that place locked, it isn't meant for member's questions. Anyway, here we are in Out and About, and if you look at KentishAdam's thread started in the last few days, or in one of the threads stuck to the top of this forum, you may find...well, if not an answer to the question, then at least a better understanding of where to start.

Best of luck



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Mar 5, 2018
I think, it is always the best to start with day hikes or bicycle tours, look for nice places, take photos, go into the next village, show to a farmer the photos, show where it is located at the hiking map, ask who owns it, go there and ask the owner.

A lot of them will say no, but some will say yes.

It is especially worth the effort if you spotted out the place at first on the hiking map. If you found a well in the map, forest and meadow and perhaps even a lake or stream next to it, it is worth to go there and try it.

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