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Oct 16, 2010
Isle of Wight
I'm trying to gauge interest in something I'm working on. I've been in discussions with a local charity who have just taken ownership of 27 parcels of land. Primarily I have approached them to gain permission for using it to feature in my YouTube channel (step away from the screens, feel free to like and subscribe hint hint) but have also suggested opening it up to wild campers for meets with the agreement of a few hours clearing/tidying as payment for use. Looking at small sized meets. This is in no way a money making idea but just a way to get a good spin on what we do as well as opening up venues for us to use. They seemed keen.

Would this be of interest to anyone

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Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
You must have a plan to allow different regions to lie fallow for a few years at a time. Human traffic in a forest changes the ground almost forever.
That's inevitable. It will alter the appearance of the forest as the visual qualities for the reasons you went there in the first place.
Do not let people camp anywhere and everywhere or you will have a landscape of latrine holes in no time.

Here, it's soil compression. No forest is ever prepared for that. Even makes logging/forest harvesting a tricky business
to assume that the ground is suitable for replanting (which is up above 5,000,000,000 trees in BC).

Every last one of the campgrounds in every National Park on earth is stomped hard and flat and as a result, barren of
anything shorter than a tree.

The option is such as the Ancient Forest Reserve, west of my place. The fire cycle here is 70-100 years.
The AFR is a pocket of old growth temperate interior rain forest with many trees 4,000 years old or more.
To keep it that way, many kilometers of big, wide board walk have been built to keep people off the forest floor.


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Jun 14, 2016
Good advice Brian!

The footfall will inevitably have an impact , but with proper management and alternative routes , that can be remedied to an extent .

And that sounds like a great idea Nobby! 👍👍
Let us hear more .

Where is it and will you involve the local community ?
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Oct 16, 2010
Isle of Wight
Plans are vague at the moment as only in talks with them, I can't see it being sites that open to use at will but permissions granted on regular days.

They already hold events on the land promoting nature so with the bad rep the herberts give us that do not follow the "leave no trace" it would be nice to be seen in a good light.

Thanks for your input and I'll keep you posted.