loads for trade

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Oct 31, 2003
The Netherlands, Delft
Wanted a fallkniven DC3, DC4, bushcraft books, eatbile plant books and anything else that can lighten my pack.

I'm living in the Netherlands, so beware of postage costs.

Stuff i got for trade (no not everything for just a DC4):

- JetBeam C-LE, CREE P4 LED, 1 AA, Type 3 finish, with belt holster and lanyard.
- Powerlight 1watt LED, 1AA flashlight (fenix L1 clone)
- CMG infinity 1 RED led, 1 AA. Old model with powder coating.
- Ledlight 5mm Nichia LED, 1 AA, focused beam, regulated.

- Fallkniven F1, knife sheath with flap. Leather sheath ONLY. NO knife.
- stainless thermos bottle 0,5 Liters
- Air Crew Survival Pack MK IV, manufactured by BCB. Opened package. A few small items might be missing.
- Dutch army field bottle, stainless Cup and belt sheath with ALICE clips (some aftermarked brand)

for the dutchies, see http://kopen.marktplaats.nl/search.php?ui=297655 for pictures.