Llyn Y Fan Fach

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Oct 11, 2014
Late october trip to the brecon beacons, to llyn y fan fach lake.
we camped at the wildman woods campsite near the lake. it is a farm with a small 5 acres woodland where u can camp. we spent a day there just chilling by the fire and cooking all day:)
on the second day we went to a hike
from the car park it is only a short walk to the lake and than up to the mountains. we picked probably the windiest days of them all to climb up the mountain:) when we reached the peak the wind was so strong it was pushing us around. the views were amazing, really worth the effort to make it to the top.
i made a video about this trip, if any of u guys wanted to see it:

Mark Baigent

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That is lovely there, i have camped at that lake, then the next day walk up onto the ridge, walk the ridge then drop down to llyn y fan ffar lake. Camp and then walk out. It is a fantastic ridge walk in snow, at night with a full moon.

Thanks for posting, brought back some wonderful memories :)
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