living outside for a year in a permanent camp what would you take

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On a new journey
Aug 29, 2007
as above what would you take?

for instance would would swing amongst the trees or would you live on the ground.
also would you take a tent to store things in and would it be a bell tent so you could use a stove in the winter and sit inthere to do crafts and genraly keep warm and then sleep in a hammock
Now would you take a portable solar shower for instance.

your thoughts and opinions please



Full Member
Jun 28, 2005
I'd go for a canvas tent, I'd like a yurt (as I already have one). YOu could still have the option of hammocking when you wanted (assuming trees/fixing points around). I was using a solar shower last week on camp and it was very good, made the difference for keeping clean when loch dipping was just too cold.


Aug 9, 2004
Rotterdam (NL)
If possible I'd take a tipi, as I've seen a few at the Moot and I like them. Add a woodstove (with oven-compartment thingy), kitchen gear (2 pots and frying pan, cheap plate, big kettle (1.5 ltr), decent sleeping bag, camp cot, chair & table, saw & axe and a landy to move it all (think Bushtuckerman, jungle episode).


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 7, 2007
East Lancashire
If possible I'd take a tipi, as I've seen a few at the Moot and I like them. Add a woodstove (with oven-compartment thingy), kitchen gear (2 pots and frying pan, cheap plate, big kettle (1.5 ltr), decent sleeping bag, camp cot, chair & table, saw & axe and a landy to move it all (think Bushtuckerman, jungle episode).

All the above and my mega tarp (4.5 x 4.5m polycotton) to give me a sheltered outdoor space for fire wood etc.



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 8, 2009
Warrington, UK
build a cabin? use logs, wicker, wattle and daub and laud it over the tent types. you do have a year after all.


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Jul 16, 2009
West Sussex
I would build a semi-permanent structure if I could not take a yurt. Something like a log cabin or a bender would be good, as well as having a bell tent with a heater in it.


Apr 11, 2010
Large Tarp x2 one to cover the whole camp ,other for an angled wall when needed
Hammock+ hammock tarp,self inf mat,sleeping bag for most sleeps
Bivi bag for when you fancy a change
Tent as you say for poor weather and for storage
Ground tarp for poor weather to place on the floor,once mud over everything youll soon get fed up,also you can wrap your kit or bergen in it at night ,id also use a folding german mat to add padding keeping the cold out or used as a seat
Id take so much cord its unreal
cooking wise billys cans+honey stove is a must as just a few twigs can be enough heat up some food or drink,so even when its worst case you can get a warm meal,various burners so the honey stove will take any fuel
a folding grill to put over an open fire

DEFFO a travel tap bottle,some platy folding botttles and maybe a large folding 10litre camping type

waterproofs ,good knife and back up,machete as id like to make some shelter even if its only a back wall lean too and a bench seat

shovel and kit for semi perm toilet area ,folding bowl and solar shower

for a longer duration youll have to be fairly spoiled or youll get fed up and jack it in,if you have the freedom time to take a year out to do so then go for it,im sure itll be very tough at times but something youll recall for the rest of your days,a lot may depend on if you plan to travel at all or stick it out in one location

Dave Budd

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Staff member
Jan 8, 2006
Dartmoor (Devon)
I would make myself a shelter from hazel and a large cheap tarp or two, just like these two 'sheds' I've built in my woods ;)

this is 4m long, 2.5m wide and the same high and only needed a dozen or so poles plus two tarps (one is an old knackered one) and a bit of string. It does also have a door now, this was a mid-construction photo.

this is about 5m diameter at the base and has a fire in the middle

I've got an army matress to sleep on and I've been out in teh round one all through the winter snug as a bug :) Sadly it has fallen apart now (it took a day to make and was a temporary job 4 years ago), so I'll be trying the bender out this year ;)


Full Member
May 22, 2006
I would take two very large industrial sized tarps and make a more permanent structure, possibly with low turf walls, a basic round house. 1 tarp would be an under layer for the roof, which I would cover with braken and pinelimbs as insulation. Small hole in top for a fire vent. Build a sleeping platform and cover the floor with wood chips which would soon mount up. Use the secont tarp outside as a cover for work area and keeping wood supplies dry.

Beyond that starndard walking kit two of everything, some plastic bins to make soap, solar shower, bivvi bag, issue tarp, sleeping bag. lots of reading material on a pad with solar charger. oh yes send a note in black to the ex saying I have died and shut down the bank account :rolleyes:

Sharps, well kurkri, felling axe, churi and spare cheap knives, i would go for a bunch of Cold Steel Finn Bear about half a dozen as you never know when you are going to damage or break kit.
Lots of wire for traps.

Oh, a few claymore mines and a shovel for the bodies!:lmao:

Sandsnakes... er, um, when can i go?
Thats about it
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Nov 29, 2003
In winter moisture accumulates in clothing and sleeping bags. You really need a heated tent/yurt to stay comfortable in the longer run.


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Jun 18, 2008
Off the beaten track
I think I would take a large tipi and woodburner, a tarp for outside to go over a table set. and then apart from food the basics such as a good axe, saw, rope, and a nice campbed ofcourse.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Sep 15, 2005
Build a bender. It's the traditional structure for exactly this sort of thing in the UK.


Aug 11, 2010
Poland, Warsaw
I would build canvas wall tent, with wood burner stove.
One of those that Guy Grieve used in Alaska interior, before he finished his cabin.
Polish traveler, and expert on Mongolia has been speaking very highly about such tents used by his friend and guide - Erdene.
It offers comfort in hight (you can easily stand in it), and you can set up wood burner with chimney without safety concerns (roof must be equiped with special metal ring, securing canvas from burning).
If you plan to use it for a year, building a floor or indoor platform from wooden logs would definitely increase comfort and help you to stay dry, even during heavy showers.


Dec 15, 2005
If I knew I was going to be out for a long stretch I'd have a go at the bender or the full on Dick Proenneke cabin thing.

First item on my kit list would be the wife though, just for the washing, ironing and cooking etc.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Oct 9, 2005
I'd take swmblt, a small wood fueled still, a tonne of baked beans, 12 legs of jamon serrano, a ruddy great wig wam and a double bass.

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