Lightweight fishing in remote mountain lakes

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Jul 24, 2008
Good advice Joonsy!
Where I fish that guy wouldn't get much - too much wading about. Fish can see, and sense through vibrations along their lateral line, so while talking doesn't matter, thumping and water-waves do.

and also very good advice from you too nic a char :) casting shadows across a fish is another thing to avoid, rivercraft is very important, you can't catch what you have already scared off, ATB :)


Sep 14, 2013
St Neots Cambs
................ the secret of that technique is that you can feel the fish bite by holding the line, hold stick with one hand and with the other free hand pinch the line between your finger and thumb, when the fish takes your bait you will feel a ‘tremble’ on the line held between your fingers, it is in effect a bite indicator (commonly called freelining by fishermen). That method is far better than just tying a fishing line direct to the top of stick................

Very true. I often freeline when Barbel fishing. The effect on the line can feel almost electric whilst the fish investigates the bait, then all hell breaks loose!

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