Leatherman Surge Pancake Sheath

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New Member
Jun 20, 2021
Good evening everyone,
I am new to the forum, which I am so pleased to have discovere, it’s full of great information. Decided to retire early on the basis of life being too short and my wife and I want to start our big adventure of retirement.
Leather craft has always interested me and now I have some time, I am looking to make a sheath for my Leatherman Surge. I am looking at making a pancake sheath.
i have done some research, but opinions on leather thickness seem to vary? I am looking to wet mould the front cover, so was looking at sat 2.5 - 3mm, however would there be any benefit from using thicker leather for the rear non moulded piece?

Any tips/opinions greatly appreciated

Thank you

Stuart Hopkinson


Jan 19, 2004
Hi Stuart, welcome to the forum.

i would say 3mm will be fine for the back. if you have something thicker by all means try it but don't worry if you don't.
I would be happy using 3mm all round tbh.

Good luck with the retirement adventure

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